• Pansy Ultramarine Swiss Giant

Pansy Ultramarine Swiss Giant

Viola x wittrockiana
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Pansy Ultramarine (Swiss Giant series).
Globe amaranth (mix). Strongly branched, compact bushes of gomphrena FIREWORKS in the middle zone do not exceed 30-35 cm, and in the southern regions it can grow up to 60 cm. The diameter of the inflorescence is 3-4 cm. The heat-loving, drought-resistant annual is valued for its original inflorescences with a diameter of 3-4 cm, purple, pink, salmon and white. Belongs to the group of dried flowers. Dried inflorescences retain their color and shape well, look spectacular in winter bouquets.

Виола "Ультрамарин".
Обильноцветущая фиалка, принадлежащая к группе "Швейцарские гиганты".
Кустики высотой 15-25 см , цветки 6-8 см диаметром.Зацветает рано.

Eng.: Garden Pansy. Suom.: Tarhaorvokki. Sven.: Pensé.


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