Viola x wittrockiana
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Pansy "Gigante Svizzera Giallo Puro" - Viola x wittrockiana.
Unpretentious popular plant 15 cm high. It blooms profusely and for a long time from May to September. The flowers are large (6-7 cm in diameter), bright yellow in color.
It is moisture-loving, cold-resistant, grows well in the sun and in partial shade. To obtain plants that bloom in the year of sowing, seeds are sown for seedlings in February-March. Seedlings appear in 5-7 days. Seedlings are planted in open ground in late April-early May at a distance of 20 cm. Plants tolerate transplanting well in a flowering state. When sown outdoors in June-July, flowering occurs in the second year.
Used for planting in flower beds, balcony boxes and garden vases.

* Among the early and flowering cultivated plants, pansies occupy one of the first places in floriculture.
The variety of their colors and color combinations is simply incredible: from pure white to almost black with all sorts of shades of yellow, blue, red. In the center of the flower there is often a spot of various shapes and colors.
In ancient times, the property of bewitching love was attributed to pansies: it costs only the juice of a plant to spray the eyes of a sleeping person on the eyelids and wait for his awakening - he will love forever.
The French and Poles give pansies as a keepsake when parting.
In England another tradition: for a young man who is embarrassed to confess his love, it is enough to send this dried flower to his chosen one and write a name.
Pansies are perennials with a height of 15 to 30 cm, usually grown as biennials. Their spectacular flowers follow the shape of a violet. The viola bush is compact at the beginning of the growing season, then becomes sprawling; the main shoot is erect, the root system is fibrous. In the axils of the leaves, pansies form peduncles, the ends of which are crowned with single large flowers up to 7 cm in diameter. The special value of pansies lies in the early and abundant flowering.
Numerous varieties of large-flowered violets are widespread in culture - a complex hybrid obtained in the course of many years of breeding work. Many modern viola hybrids have the ability to bloom throughout the summer.

Eng.: Garden Pansy. Suom.: Tarhaorvokki. Sven.: Pensé, Penséer.

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