Viola x wittrockiana
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Garden Pansy "Bruning" - Viola x wittrockiana.
An amazingly beautiful viola with large iridescent flowers will delight you in the new season and will remain in your memory for a long time!
It is resistant to heat and cold, blooms very early, profusely and will put on a brilliant show throughout the season in flowerbeds, flowerbeds, balcony boxes and flowerpots.
Perfectly transfers transplant in a flowering state. Recommended for early spring seedling production.
Sowing: for spring, abundant flowering - June-July on seedling beds. They are transplanted to a permanent place in August - September.
For summer flowering - for seedlings in several periods starting from February. Seeds are placed on the surface of a moistened and compacted substrate, lightly sprinkling the seeds with soil.
Crops are sprayed from a spray bottle and covered with glass. Seedlings dive at the stage of 1-2 true leaves. Planted in open ground in May - June at a distance of 10-15 cm between plants.
Care: grows best on loose, fertile, well-moistened soils. Watering is very important, as plants do not bloom on dry soil. To prolong flowering, faded flowers must be removed.
They react negatively to fresh organic fertilizers.
Flowering: when growing seedlings - from July until frost, when sowing seeds in open ground - the next year from early spring to late autumn.

Viola x wittrockiana, Võõrasema, Aedkannike
Jane Webb Loudon.

Flowers: June to August and February onwards June to August and February onwards.
Height: 8 inches.
Spring flowering type with deep velvet black flowers and a contrasting bright yellow picotee.
Sowing Instructions: Sow on to a moist seed sowing compost in a 576 plug tray or similar size cell. Cover lightly with vermiculite and propagate at 15 to 18°C. Germination should begin to take place after 7 to 10 days. Maintain a temperature of 10 to 15°C after germination.
Growing Instructions: grow on the seedlings from the February sowings at 10°C until they are established and cover the surface of the plug tray take care to grow quite cool to help avoid any stretching of the plants. Transfer to either a pack 12 pack 6 or 9 cm pot. February sowings should be ready for sale in early to mid April. If additional growth control is required then Cycocel can be applied which will help to improve the quality and habit of the plants. June-July sowings should be grown on as cool as possible with shade from direct sunlight and pot on as above which will result in plants in flower for autumn sales. September sowings should be ready to transfer to packs and pots in late October and held over winter in well ventilated unheated glasshouse, tunnel or cold frame ready for sale in flower in late February-early March.

Eng.: Pansy. Suom.: Tarhaorvokki. Sven.: Pensé. Bot. syn.: Viola altaica x lutea, Viola altaica x tricolor.

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