Cucurbita pepo L.
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Decorative pumpkin "Pear Bicolor".
A fast growing variety with spectacular fruits for outdoor cultivation. The plant is climbing (about 3 m), well leafy. Fruits are small, weighing 0.2-0.3 kg. 
The plant is warm- and light-loving, responsive to irrigation and organic fertilization, grows well on a "dung bed". 
Grown for vertical gardening of the garden, decoration of verandas, buildings. 
The fruits are well stored at room temperature, they are used in floristry to design decorative compositions. The optimum soil temperature for seed germination is + 20 + 25 ° C.

* Decorative pumpkin.
Recently, decorative pumpkins have become increasingly popular among amateur gardeners. 
These annual lianes are capable of forming whips up to 6 meters long. With their help, it is easy to decorate a pergola, gazebo, or "refine" some kind of outbuilding.
Against the background of large leaves of decorative pumpkins, their bright yellow flowers look spectacular. From them, pretty fruitlets of the most diverse shapes are formed. 
Some ornamental pumpkins have spherical orange fruits similar to tangerines. They are sometimes called that: tangerine pumpkins.
There are varieties with pear-shaped fruits of various colors, and sometimes the upper and lower parts of the pumpkin are colored differently: for example, the top is orange, and the bottom is green. There are varieties of ornamental pumpkin with fruits covered with numerous small tubercles or divided into lobes-segments.
Harvested pumpkin fruits can be dried and used for home decoration. For drying, it is necessary to take well-ripened fruits, which are cut off along with the stalk. Colored candles can be made from small decorative pumpkins. 
To do this, the top of the fruit is cut off, the pulp is scraped out with a spoon. The pumpkins are filled with molten wax or paraffin, and wicks with small weights at the end are placed in the middle.

Eng.: Ornamental pumpkin. Suom.: Koristekurpitsa. Sven.: Prydnadspumpa.

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