• Ornamental pepper "Cappa Round Red" F1
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Ornamental pepper "Cappa Round Red" F1

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Ornamental pepper ''Cappa Round Red'' F1.
Blooming Season: Summer.
Plant Habit:
Height: 81-102 cm.
Width: 30-41 cm.
Exposure: Sun.
Supplied as raw seed. Suitable for greenhouse and field cut flower production, Cappa features strong stems topped with many colourful, long-lasting fruits. Basal-branching plants are highly productive. Colour changes from deep green to strong red.

Stems good length with good sized and quality peppers, branches non-terminating allowing for many peppers per branch and a longer season of prime cuts; Healthy plants, strong stems; Easy to germinate, grow transplants and to transplant; Tall plant, attractive round fruits; Decent fruit but was still green in August and didn’t color up until September; Very strong basal branching, nice bright red roundish peppers- long keepers; Very unique addition to cutflower bouquets, drought tolerant, saline tolerant, no insect damage.
Problems: not very attractive, nothing stands out about it, especially compared to other two Cappa Peppers; A little shorter than I would have liked; Growing season not long enough or hot enough to obtain crop, the plants grew well but flowered about the time of the first frost, one of the Conic had a fruit and it looked good but not enough to further evaluate the cultivars; Most years our season is too short for peppers to turn red, green peppers are not popular; Late maturity, can fruit drop be a problem when not harvested promptly, without ethrel application; No support, plants grew as prostrate bushes; Wish plants were taller in field, early frost limited yield; Difficulty hardening before transplanting.
Good potential for use in Christmas bouquets/ arrangements with its green and red peppers, peppers look like christmas tree bulbs; Last year’s top round- bronze pepper much more useable and better seller in bouquets.
Postharvest: This variety is green when immature, and red when ripe. It was a couple of weeks later maturing than the other Cappa types trialed. Defoliation a problem. This variety dropped all its fruits when plants sprayed with 1000ppm ethrel a week before harvest.

Перец орнаментальный "Каппа Красный Круглый" F1.
Красные и блестящие плоды-шарики этого декоративного перца, как новогодние лампочки, оригинально разнообразят Вашу кухню или балкон !


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