• Oriental Poppy double "May Queen" (mix)

Oriental Poppy double "May Queen" (mix)

Papaver orientale
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Oriental Poppy double "May Queen" (mix).
Large and graceful inflorescences!
An impressive perennial, about 60 cm high. Rosettes of feathery green leaves give rise to numerous shoots ending in lush orange-red double flowers, 12-15 cm in diameter. The plant is covered with densely growing hairs. Prefers a sunny location and a permeable substrate.

Daniel Ridgway Knight, Papaver orientale, Idamagun
Daniel Ridgway Knight.

Eng.: Oriental Poppy. Suom.: Idänunikko. Sven.: Jättevallmo, orientalisk vallmo. Bot. syn.: Papaver bracteatum.

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