Allium cepa L.
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Hibernal onion "Ailsa Craig" is an extremely prolific variety.
The sweet taste and delicate aroma of this onion will ennoble even the simplest dish! Appreciate in full measure its advantages both fresh and after culinary processing.
The seeds produce massive bulbs that can weigh up to 250-450 grams each. Sowing and growing these giant onions is definitely well worth the effort.
A splendid exhibition variety of golden merit producing large globe shaped onions with a rich, golden straw coloured skin. As well as being a super show variety, it is also one of the best varieties for general cultivation producing large onions with an excellent mild flavour. Can also be autumn sown.
Sowing Instructions: sow during mid-late winter in a good seed compost, just covering the seed with compost. Germination takes 14-21 days at +19+21°C. Higher temperatures may prevent germination.
Growing Instructions: transplant seedlings when 36 mm high into 9 cm pots. Making sure the tiny bulb is not covered. When well rooted move to a cold frame and plant out in early spring at 38 cm apart in a sunny spot in a rich fertile soil which has had plenty of well rotted compost dug in the previous autumn, and a dressing of general fertiliser at 4oz/sq. yd applied just before planting.
Aftercare Instructions: keep the soil moist during dry spells. As the leaves start to yellow bend over the tops, leave 14 days then lift and store when thoroughly ripened.
Number of seeds in 1,0 g  = 250-300.

Onion Ailsa Craig Sibul

Eng.: Hibernal onion. Suom.: Ruokasipuli, kepasipuli. Sven.: Gul Lök.

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