Micro Greens: Seeds for Sprouting
Amaranth (seeds for germination)
Amaranth - microgreens ("Green Viagra"). A source of plant-based, easily digestible prote..
Broccoli Micro greens
Broccoli micro greens. Easily grown young leaves – a source of vitamins, used fresh with a va..
Common borage (seeds for germination)
Borage (burrage or talewort) - Borago officinalis. Microgreens. Spicy taste of juicy greens with a ..
Coriander (microgreens)
Cilantro, Coriander (seeds for germination) - Coriandrum sativum. 1 gramm = 70-100 seeds...
European Leek - micro greens (sprouts)
Leek Sprouts - micro greens. Leeks are rich in vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and chlorophyll. ..
Fenugreek - microgreens
FENUGREEK (Micro greens). Annual spice plants that have a fragrance familiar with mushroom smell. G..
Germination seeds - Red cabbage
Red Cabbage - Seedd for growing СЕМЕНА ДЛЯ ПРОРАЩИВАНИЯ - КАПУСТА КРАСНОКОЧАННАЯ. Проростки (про..
Green sprouting calabrese Broccoli microgreens
Green sprouting calabrese Broccoli microgreens. Семена спаржевой капусты для проращивания. В пос..
Kohlrabi (seeds for germination)
Kohlrabi - Brassica oleracea L. convar. acephala var. gongylodes. Microgreens. Appetizing gree..
Leeks - microgreens, seeds for germination
Leeks - microgreens, seeds for germination ПОРЕЙ - СЕМЕНА ДЛЯ ПРОРАЩИВАНИЯ. Проростки (прор..
Lemon basil (seeds for germination)
Lemon basil microgreens - Ocimum basilicum x citriodorum. Great lemon-mint flavor! Healthy fo..
Microgreens Spinach - seeds for germination
Spinach microgreens are young plants in the phase of the first pair of true leaves, when they have t..
Mung bean (microgreens)
Mung bean (Maash, Moong). Sprouted mung beans are a treasure trove of vitamins and minerals! The h..
Pea "Boogie" microgreens
Peas for sprouts (Micro greens). Easily cultivated and rapidly growing sprouts – a source of ..
Red beetroot microgreens
Red beetroot microgreens. Seeds for growing young leaflets – micro greens. They are rich in v..
Sarepta mustard (microgreens)
Sarepta mustard (seeds for germination) - Brassica juncea L. Green sprouts with an appetizing musta..
Spinach beet microgreens (seeds for germination)
Mangold sprouts - seeds for germination (Beta vulgaris var.vulgaris L.) Super valuable and effectiv..
Sweet basil "Dark Opal" microgreens (Sprouts)
Violet basil Sprouts - microgreens (seeds for germination). Mild taste, source of vitamin..
Sweet basil microgreens (Sprouts)
Sweet basil Sprouts - microgreens. The seeds are intended for growing young leaves. The leaves are ..
Winter radish (seeds for germination)
Winter Radish - Raphanus sativus var. nigra. Microgreens. Spicy pungent taste and pleasant aroma - ..
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