Mirabilis jalapa
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Four o'clock "Night beauty" (color mix).
Delicate aroma of evening and night!
An amazing plant for sunny areas and places for recreation, where the whole family gathers in the evening.

For the rockgarden; creeping, groundcovers; cushion plant; 
VI-X, Z8, 60 cm.
Flowering Season: Summer to fall.
Light Requirements: Sun to partial shade.
Flower Color: Mahogany, red, pink, purple, yellow.
Height: 20 to 24 inches.
Spacing: 12 to 14 inches.
Moderate drought tolerance.

Night beauty - Mirabilis jalapa L.
Homeland - Mexico.
A perennial plant cultivated as an annual. Bushes are elongated-rounded, 30-80 cm tall, with tuberous, swollen roots. Stems are erect, densely branched, reddish, woody in the lower part. The leaves are opposite, elongated-ovate, petiolate, entire, glabrous, green. The flowers are funnel-shaped, up to 2.5 cm in diameter (white, yellow, orange, crimson), fragrant, open from 4 pm and open until the next morning.
In the climatic conditions of Estonia, it blooms profusely from June to frost.
The fruit is one-seeded, rather large, dark brown, with five sharp ribs. The seeds ripen well, remain viable for up to 3 years. It has varieties up to 30 cm tall with ordinary and variegated leaves.
Location: light and heat-loving, drought-resistant plant. With prolonged drought, it stops development and flowering.
Soil: prefers deep, loamy or clayey soils containing lime. Does not tolerate acidic and damp soils.
Reproduction: by seeds, which are sown in a semi-warm greenhouse in early April or in open ground in early May. Seedlings dive one at a time in 7-9 cm pots. In June, they are planted in the ground. Tubers can be stored in the same way as dahlia tubers. However, this plant is so easily propagated by seed that in most cases it makes no sense to save the tubers.
Usage: in mixed beds, in groups, low grades - in borders.
In culture since 1582.

Eng.: Marvel of Peru, Four o'clock. Suom.: Mökinihmekukka. Sven.: Underblomma. Bot. syn.: Mirabilis lindheimeri (Standl.)

* The "night beauty" has a very interesting feature - flowers of different colors are often formed on one plant. Usually it is pink, and its shades vary from salmon to crimson, but it can be white or yellow, and sometimes the petals are colored with multi-colored stripes ...

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