• Loofah (Sponge gourd)

Loofah (Sponge gourd)

Luffa aegyptiaca
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Sponge gourd (Loofah).

Experience Useful Aftercare:
Easy Description: From the cucumber and marrow family, the Luffa is a rather curious example which originates from America. After drying, the fibrous internal structure of the Luffa magically transforms itself into a "sponge", 30 cm long. Home-grown sponges, whatever next?! Treated as a half hardy annual in all areas, Luffa can be grown on any ordinary soil in a position of full sun. Climber. Please note that due to the nature of our exotic range of seeds, some varieties are more challenging and may require more care and patience to grow than other less exotic varieties. However we wish you every success and hope you agree that they are definitely worth the effort.
Sowing Instructions: Sow February to May. Soak seed in warm water for 2 hours before sowing. Germinate singly in pots, at +20+30°C on the surface of a good free draining, damp seed compost. Apply a sprinkling of compost or vermiculite, 6 mm thick. Place in a propagator or seal container inside a polythene bag until after germination which usually takes 7-21 days. Do not exclude light at any stage as this is beneficial to germination. 
Growing Instructions:
POTTING ON Plant out after all risk of frost, 30 cm apart in a moist, well drained soil in full sun.
Aftercare Instructions: Provide support to allow plants to trail or climb, and give a humid atmosphere. Pollinate the female flowers (which have a green fruit behind them) by brushing the male flowers (which have no fruit) against them. Treat as a Half Hardy Annual.


Люффа - Luffa aegyptiaca.
Гарнир ! Банная принадлежность ! Лекарство !
Зелёные цилиндрические плоды этого теплолюбивого растения напоминают крупный огурец длиной 30-35 см (до 1 м). Мякоть незрелых плодов крахмалистая, съедобная и широко используется в китайской кухне. Листья чрезвычайно богаты каротином: его содержание примерно в 1,5 раза выше, чем у моркови или сладкого перца. После созревания плод становится сухим жёлто-бурого цвета, из его волокнистого скелета делают корзинки, обувь. Это лучшая естественная мочалка для ухода за кожей, т.к. она содержит 46 % пищевого масла. Люффа широко используется в восточной медицине при ревматических болях. Выращивается через рассаду.

Käsnkõrvits Luffa cylindrica Luffa aegyptiaca

Luffa aegyptiaca Käsnkõrvits Luffa cylindrica Люффа Растительная мочалка

Käsnkõrvits Luffa aegyptiaca Luffa cylindrica

Eng.: Sponge gourd, common loofah, dish-cloth gourd, dishrag gourd, gourd towel, luffa, smooth loofah, vegetable sponge, wash-rag sponge. Suom.: Pesusienikurkku. Sven.: Vegetarisk tvättsvamp, luffa. Bot. syn.: Luffa cylindrica (L.), Luffa pentandra Roxb., Luffa petola Ser., Momordica cylindrica L., Momordica luffa L.

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