Linaria maroccana
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Morocco Toadflax "Fairy Bouquet" (mix of colours) - Linaria maroccana
A charming annual that blooms two months after sowing. Flowering is so abundant that leaves are almost invisible.
This mixture contains varieties with different colors of inflorescences and will delight the eye with bright colors.
Plant 20-35 cm tall, forming compact bushes. Leaves are linear. The flowers are small: blue, lilac, white, yellow.
Flowers are collected at the top of the stems in rare graceful racemes up to 12 cm long. A yellow or white spot is clearly visible on the lip of the flower.
Very beautiful in the foreground of the border, often planted in a picturesque group.
Agricultural technology: sow superficially directly into the ground in a permanent place after the threat of frost has passed.
To extend the flowering period, sowing is done in several stages at intervals of 2-3 weeks. Flowering occurs in 2-3 months from sowing.
Plants are light-requiring, but they can also tolerate light shading. They grow well on any neutral soils, preferring light and rich in humus.
Further care consists in watering, feeding. Removal of wilted buds stimulates re-flowering.

Linaria maroccana, Kahetine käokannus

Toadflax flowers resemble a snapdragon in miniature. A wide range of colors from white to cherry and purple in all shades. There are also two-color specimens.
Toadflax blooms so abundantly that leaves are almost invisible. Grows well on any neutral soils, prefers light, humus-rich.
It is used for planting on a lawn, rocky hills, for decorating walls, stairs, slopes. One of the best plants for decorating areas after bulbous flowers have faded.
Location: toadflax are light-requiring, but they can also tolerate light shading, cold and drought-resistant.
Soil: grows well on any neutral soil, preferring light and rich in humus.
Reproduction: seeds, which are sown in spring to a permanent place, in annual species flowering occurs after 2 months.

Hispaania käokannus Linaria maroccana

Eng: Baby Snapdragon, Moroccan Toadflax, Morocco Toadflax, Northern Lights Baby Snapdragon. Suom.: Kannusruoho. Sven.: Sporre.

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