Lactuca Sativa L
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Lettuce "Lollo Rossa".
Crops in: 48 Days 
Description: An excellently flavoured Italian lettuce of the type used in salads and also in many other dishes as a tasty garnish. It is compact, non hearting with a rosette of finely frilled leaves with deep red edge. Very easy to grow and attractive in gardens, tubs, containers etc and in the salad.
Sowing Instructions: Sow thinly from spring to mid summer 6 mm deep in drills 23 cm apart. A moist, well drained, fertile soil which has had plenty of compost dug in the previous autumn is best. In very hot weather it is best to water the soil before sowing and sow during the early afternoon. Growing Instructions: Thin out gradually to 23 cm apart. Aftercare Instructions: To harvest dont pull the whole plant - be selective - go down the row choosing only the largest, tenderest leaves. This way it will continue to replace itself the whole season.

Lollo Rosso Lettuce is a popular leaf lettuce used widely in Europe due to its outstanding taste and stunning beauty. The leaves of this lettuce variety are a beautiful magenta-red color with a lighter green stem and very curly outer leaves, which make for a very stunning variety of lettuce that looks truly impressive to the eye. Lollo Rosso can be sown year round and as a leaf lettuce, will yield many cuttings. Matures in 50 to 70 days.

Салат "Лолло Росса" - Lactuca sativa "Lollo Rossa".
Превосходный вкус и декоративность !
Нежные, гофрированные, с красновато-розовым оттенком листья этого салата послужат украшением любого стола. Раннеспелый, от посева до начала уборки - 55 дней. Формируют рыхлую головку диаметром 15-20 см, массой 300-500 г. Для закрытого и открытого грунта, пригоден для круглогодичного выращивания. Устойчив к стеблеванию.

Lehtsalat Lollo Rossa

Eng.: Lettuce. Suom.: Lehtisalaatti. Sven.: Plocksallat.Bot.:Lactuca Sativa L

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