Lactuca sativa L
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Lettuce "Aficion" - Lactuca sativa L.
An early kind. A looseleaf lettuce variety very similar to the “GRAND RAPIDS” kind, but more fertile, more resistant to diseases and has a better color. This variety is grown for early spring, summer and autumn crop and can be sowed both in greenhouses and outdoors, this kind doesn’t overgrow for a long time. Grows best in light sandy loam or clay loam, highly cultivated soils with no weed around. Grows in 35-50 days. Leaves are a little wrinkled, fan-shaped and don’t form a loaf. 1g contains approximately 1200 seeds.

Eng.: Lettuce. Suom.: Lehtisalaatti. Sven.: Plocksallat. Bot.: Lactuca sativa L.

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