Allium porrum L.
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Garden leek "Bulgaarse reuzen" - Allium porrum L.
Fertile, early variety. Seedlings are planted into soil. Vegetation period is 80-87 days. Dark green leaves, thick stalks, the white part grows to 35 cm long. Used fresh, stewed, fried. Can be stored for 2-3 months, in the temperature from 0 to -2°C. Leeks are resistant to frost, stay well in winter after a thicker coating of snow covered with peat.
Leeks are a real find for gourmets, because it is its aroma and taste that prompts many vegetable growers to grow it.
It is better to grow it through seedlings, sowing at the end of February, so that the seedlings are large enough by the time they are planted in the ground. The larger it is, the higher the yield.

Eng.: Garden Leek. Suom.: Purjosipuli. Sven.: Purjolök. Bot.: Allium porrum L.

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