Petroselinun crispum (Miller) Nyman ex A.W.Hill.
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Petroselinum crispum (Miller) Nyman ex A. W. Hill
A flat leaf parsley variety which is grown for spring/summer and autumn harvest. For an early harvest you should sow in autumn or in early spring, you sow in May. Sprouts are nor afraid of light frosts, this variety grows best in light sandy loam or clay loam moist soils. Parsley leaves contain a lot of vitamins and essential oils which improve the taste of food. A medium-earliness kind. Leaves are lush, dark-green, and plain. Suitable for freezing and drying. 1g. contains approximately 500-700 seeds.

Петрушка листовая "Plain leaved 2" - Petroselinun crispum (Miller) Nyman ex A.W.Hill.
Среднеранний сорт.Растение образует маленький кустик.Листья тёмно-зелёные.



Eng.: Plain Leaf Parsley. Suom.: Silopersilja. Sven.: Slätbladig persilja.Bot.:Petroselinun crispum (Miller) Nyman ex A.W.Hill.

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