Apium graveolens var. secalinum
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Celery "Afina" - Apium graveolens var. secalinum.
Vegetation period - 63 days. 
Plants grow to be 40-50 cm tall.
Aromatic leaves are used for food. Consumed while still fresh or dried for seasoning dishes. May be harvested several times by cutting the whole plant. If the plants are cut to short, they may not regrow.
1 gram = 2000-2600 seeds.

* Celery seeds for seedlings are sown in mid-February. They are very small and germinate slowly. To speed up germination, the seeds are immersed in hot water (+ 70 ° C) for 30 minutes, then quickly cooled and left at + 18 + 20 ° C for two days. In this case, seedlings appear on the 10-12th day. The seeds are covered with soil to a depth of 0.5 cm and compacted well. Otherwise, small celery seeds, being located in the surface layer of loose soil, dry up and germinate slowly or do not germinate at all. The minimum temperature for germination is + 7 + 8 ° C. At lower temperatures, the seeds grow moldy and do not germinate.
Seed boxes are covered with glass or foil, protecting the seedlings from drying out. For the first 30-40 days, celery grows very slowly. Seedlings dive when a second leaf appears at a distance of 4-6 cm into boxes or one at a time into pots. The seedlings are fed 2-3 times after the formation of the third leaf with an interval of 7-10 days.
Reacts well to sodium nitrate, which is added with each feeding (15-20 g per 10 l of water). In the second and third feeding add superphosphate (20-30 g) and potassium salt (10-15 g). 2-3 days before planting, the seedlings are watered abundantly. Standard seedlings 10-12 cm high have 4-5 unfolded leaves, ready for planting 45-50 days after picking.
1 gram = 2000-2600 seeds.


Eng.: Celeriac, celery, smallage. Suom.: Selleri. Sven.: Stjälkselleri. Bot.: Apium graveolens var. secalinum

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