Phaseolus vulgaris var nanus
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Medium-early bushy variety of shelled beans. Resistant to bean mosaic virus. Plants have pink flowers. Mature within 80 days after seeding. Pods are yellow-reddish, 13 cm long beans are yellowish with red spots or stripes. Grow best in the temperature of +20+25°C, in medium-heavy, non-acid, hummus rich soil, in areas sheltered from the wind. Can be planted in the same place after 4-5 years.
Bean with decorative pink-and-white pieces. Delicious pods can be cooked and eaten like folding beans. Ripe beans are used like soup beans.

Eng.: Bush shell bean. Fin.: Keittopapu. Swed.: Borlottoböna, Kokböna. Bot.: Phaseolus vulgaris var. nanus.

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