Helichrysum bracteatum
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Bracted strawflower "Royal Mantle" - Helichrysum bracteatum L.
A noble color for winter bouquets and flower beds!
Plant height 60-90 cm.
An unusually popular dried flower with brightly colored inflorescences. Dried flowers, cut in half-open condition - ideal for winter bouquets.
The plant is warm and light-requiring. Prefers light, drained soils.
It is used both in flower beds and for cutting.

Helichrysum bracteatum Red

Eng.: Bracted strawflower, everlasting, paper-flower. Suom.: jättiolkikukka. Sven.: jätte-eternell. Bot. syn.: Helichrysum monstrosum, Xeranthemum bracteatum Vent.

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