Dianthus superbus
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Fringed Pink "Spooky mix".

Physical Characteristics: Perennial growing to 0.4 m. It is hardy to zone 4 and is not frost tender. It is in flower from June to September. The scented flowers are hermaphrodite (have both male and female organs) and are pollinated by Insects. We rate it 2 out of 5 for usefulness.
The plant prefers light (sandy), medium (loamy) and heavy (clay) soils and requires well-drained soil. The plant prefers acid, neutral and basic (alkaline) soils and can grow in very alkaline soil. It can grow in semi-shade (light woodland) or no shade. It requires dry or moist soil.
Habitats and Possible Locations Woodland, Sunny Edge, Dappled Shade, Shady Edge, Walls.
Cultivation details Prefers an alkaline soil but tolerates slightly acid soils. Succeeds in any well-drained peaty soil in sun or light shade. Plants succeed when grown on the top of a broad or retaining wall. A very hardy plant, tolerating temperatures down to about -20°c. The flowers have a soft sweet perfume.
Propagation Seed - sow April/June in a greenhouse and only just cover the seed. Germination usually takes place within 1 - 3 weeks at 20°c. When they are large enough to handle, prick the seedlings out into individual pots and plant them out in the autumn.

Гвоздика пышная (смесь окрасок) - Dianthus superbus.
Лёгкая и нежная элегантность  !

Eng.: Fringed Pink, large pink, superb pink. Suom.: Pulskaneilikka. Sven.: Praktnejlika, påfågelsnejlika, saronslilja, stoltnejlika.

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