Verbascum sp.
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Mullein (mix) - Verbascum sp.
It grows in the European part of Russia, in the south of Western Siberia, in Central Europe, Northwest China.
Perennial or biennial plant up to 100 cm tall. The flowers are purple, of various shades, collected in a simple, rare brush. Blooms in June-July. In culture since 1597.
Location: drought-resistant. They prefer a sunny location, although they tolerate light shade. They don't need cover.
Soil: dry to moderately dry, loose, poor in nutrients.
Care: cut the stems after flowering - this will prolong the life of the plant.
Reproduction: by sowing seeds in the ground in May - June. In the first year, a rosette of large leaves develops. Young plants bloom in the second year. Varieties are propagated by root cuttings.
Use: in single and group plantings on lawns, in mixborders, against walls and in large rocky gardens.
Partners: Anaphalis, Anthemis, Nepeta, Santolina, Salvia.

* Seeds are characterized by rapid germination in a constantly moist (but not wet!) substrate at a temperature of about +20°C.
Seeds can be sprinkled with a thin layer of substrate or sand, but if the seeds are very small, then only lightly press.
After germination, cold germination conditions are desirable.
To obtain 1000 plants, 1.0 g of seeds will be required.

Eng.: Mullein. Suom.: Tulikukka. Sven.: Kungsljus.

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