Raphanus sativus L.
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Red leaf Radish "SANGO" - Raphanus sativus L.
A leaf type, fast-growing vegetable. Grows in 6 or 7 days. Can be grown in greenhouses or on a windowsill. If you want to constantly enjoy this vegetable, it is recommended that you sow it every 7 days. It is most appreciated during winter times. Red leaves are used as food, they are rich in vitamin C and minerals. Suitable to use with meat, fish, curd dishes. 1 g contains approximately 64 seeds.

Lehtredis Sango punaselehine

Редис краснолистовой "Санго".
Быстрорастущая зеленная культура (6-7 дней), формирующая красные листочки, которые и употребляются в свежем виде: в мясных и рыбных блюдах, в блюдах из яиц и творога.
Шикарный источник витаминов для нашего климата в зимний период !

rohelise idandite kasvatuse metoodika

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