Pheromone - Grapholita funebrana
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Pherozzip - pheromone trap for the plum fruit moth (Grapholita funebrana).
Rid your garden of this pest. Safe for bees, humans and the environment. Valid for 4-6 weeks.
An effective remedy for protecting stone fruit trees from the plum moth.
Operating principle.
A bait - a dispenser is placed in a trap with a sticky bottom. The dispenser contains a pheromone that continuously evaporates into the surrounding space and attracts the plum moth butterflies to the trap. Once trapped, butterflies reliably adhere to a special glue (odorless and without the addition of harmful substances).
It is advisable to hang pheromone traps in the garden with the beginning of flowering of fruit trees and use them during the entire growing season.
The traps should be attached to horizontally located branches of the outer part of the crown of the tree so that they are protected from direct sunlight, at a height of 1.5-2.5 meters from the ground.
The required number of traps is determined from the calculation: 1 trap for 1-2 fruit trees.
2-4 weeks after installing the trap, the dusty or insect-covered glue liner should be replaced with a new one.
4-6 weeks after installing the trap, it is recommended to replace the trap with a new one.

Syn.: Cydia funebrana.

* The pheromone of the male plum moth does not attract other insects to the trap, since it is aimed specifically at attracting females of its particular species.
* The use of insect pheromones is allowed for widespread use in amateur and industrial gardening, since they do not pollute the environment and are safe for people and animals.

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