Cucumis sativus L.
Brand: Semo
In a pack:10 s.
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Cucumber "SUPERSTAR" F1 - LONG TYPE parthenocarpic varieties for Indoor production. 100% female. Pollination is unwanted.
A cucumber with attractive long fruit and medium growth. The plants have good growth recovery when pruned intensively. Fruits are 25-30 cm long, dark green, with slight ribs.
"SUPERSTAR" is suitable for spring as well as summer forcing in greenhouses and tunnels.

Огурец "Superstar" F1 - партенокарпический гибрид салатного назначения для защищённого грунта. Длина плодов составляет 25-30 см.

Cucumber Superstar F1

Eng.: Parthenocarpic Greenhouse cucumber. Suom.: Partenokarppinen kasvihuonekurkku. Sven.: Partenokarp salladsgurka.Bot.:Cucumis sativus L.

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