"Magnet Fly Elegant"
3.60€ 3.02€
"Magnet Fly Elegant" is an elegant closed-type "magnet trap" for house flies (Musca domestica) and other flying insects (odorless and insecticide free). Heat and light attract flies and insects to the windows, and, thanks to the ..
Ataka Blue - preparation for the destruction of ants
Means for the destruction of garden and household ants "Ataka Blue". Средство для уничтожения садовых и бытовых муравьёв "Ataka Blue". Инсектицид в гранулах, содержит активные ингредиенты: 0,5% циперметрина и 0,01% герани..
"Humate +7 microelements"
3.96€ 3.32€
"Humate +7" - contains 60-65% of humates and 7 essential microelements (Fe-0.4.%, Cu-0.2,%, Zn-0.2%, Mn-0.17,%, Mo- 0.018%, Co-0.02%, B-0.2%, N-1.5%) in the form of complex compounds with humic acids. Let's dissolve well. Sodium huma..
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