Fragrant purple basil
Fragrant purple basil. Basil variety with red leaves and strong aroma. Loves warmth and sunlight. ..
85 000 SHU: Hot pepper "Koral"
Hot pepper "KORAL".  Very hot cherry type pepper. Fruits of this mid-early variety a..
Bean "Konstantin"
Kidnay bean "KONSTANTIN". Medium early variety. The pods are light green, stringless, el..
Bottle gourd (Calabash) "Speckled Swan"
BIRDHOUSE GOURD "Speckled Swan". The bottle gourd is also called birdhouse gourd, trumpe..
Brussel sprout "Dolores" F1
Brussel sprout "DOLORES" F1. An early hybrid variety intended for single harvest. The pla..
Brussel sprouts "Casiopea"
Brussel sprout "Casiopea". Mid-late variety: 155-165 days from transplating. Suitable for..
Carrot "Aneta" F1
Carrot "ANETA" F1. Nantes type, mid-early hybrid. 100-105 days. Oblong root with blunt ..
Carrot "Cortina" F1
Carrot "CORTINA" F1.  A late hybrid variety of Flakkee type. The root is long and ov..
Carrot "Francis"
Морковь "Францис". Позднеспелый сорт моркови сортотипа "Флаке" с длиной корнепл..
Carrot "Katrin"
Carrot "KATRIN". A mid-early variety of Chantenay type intended for immediate consumption..
Carrot "Knota" F1
Carrot KNOTA F1 "Nantes" type, mid-late hybrid; 105-110 days. Cylindrical root with blu..
Carrot "Naomi"
Морковь "Наоми". Раннеспелый сорт нантского сортотипа.  Длина корнеплода 16-18 ..
Carrot "Sylva"
Carrot "SYLVA". A mid early variety of Nantes type which is suitable for immediate consum..
Carrot "Tinga"
Carrot "TINGA". A high-yielding, late variety of Flakkee type for universal use. The roo..
Cauliflower "Octavian"
0.95€ 0.56€
Cauliflower "OCTAVIAN". A mid-late variety intended for autumn harvest. The plants are v..
Celeriac "Asterix" F1
Celeriac "ASTERIX" F1. An early high-yielding hybrid variety intended for harvesting with..
Celery-stalk "MALACHIT"
Celery-stalk "MALACHIT". A mid-early, medium-large variety of celery with dark green leav..
China pink terry "Black & White"
China pink terry "Black & White". Hardy Annual. Position: Full Sun. Ideal for: Bedd..
Chinese cabbage "Forco" F1
Chinese cabbage "Forco" F1.   Капуста пекинская "Форко" F1. Раннес..
Chinese cabbage "Hilton"
Chinese cabbage "Hilton".Early variety: 58-65 days. For summer and autumn harvesting. He..
Chives "Bohemia"
Chives "Bohemia". Early variety both for forcing and field growing. Fairly wide, medium ..
Climbing french bean "Blauhilde"
Climbing pole bean "BLAUHILDE". Long, tender and tasty pods. High folding bean - he..
Cos lettuce "Galander"
Cos lettuce "Galander". Римский салат (Кос-салат, Ромэн) "Галандэр" - La..
Courgette Zucchini "Tondo di Piacenza"
Zucchini "Tondo di Piacenza". Mid-early. Кабачок-цуккини "Тондо ди Пьяценза"..
Cucumber "Corveta" F1
Pickling сucumber "CORVETA" F1. Early hybrid. Dark green fruits with large warts an..
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