Tomat "Pertsevidny Krepysh"
Tomat "Pertsevidny Krepysh". An early, very unpretentious fruitful variety of Siberian breeders for open ground. From germination to the beginning of fruit ripening: 105-110 days. The plant is compact, standard, only 30-40 cm high, does no..
Tomato "Balkonny-1"
Tomato ''Balkonny-1'' Medium-early tomato plant interminant height of 1.5-1.7 m.Tomatoes weighing 50-70 g,red. Томат "Балконный-1" Для балконов и лоджий. Среднеранний (97-102 дня) сорт томата, предназначенный для ..
Tomato "Ranny-83" (Early-83)
Tomato "Early-83". Unpretentious early ripening variety, 35-60 cm high. Can be grown without pinching and garter. Fruits are round, smooth, red, weighing up to 100 grams. Good taste both fresh and canned. The yield of the variety is up to ..
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