Tomat "Japonskaja Roza" (Japanese Rose)
Tomato "Japanese Rose". A mid-season, beautiful and productive variety of Siberian select..
Tomat "Pertsevidny Krepysh"
Tomat "Pertsevidny Krepysh". An early, very unpretentious fruitful variety of Siberian br..
Tomato "Afrocherry"
Tomato "Afrocherry". Excellent taste and long-term fruiting. An early variety of dark ch..
Tomato "Alye Svechy"
Tomato ''Alye Svechy''. Height up to 1.5-1.7 m. Fruits are bright red, lined, with ..
Tomato "Andreevsky Surprise"
Pink tomato "Andreevsky Surprise". Mid-season, large-fruited, high-yielding variety. The..
Tomato "Balkonny-1"
Tomato ''Balkonny-1'' Medium-early tomato plant interminant height of 1.5-1.7 m.Tom..
Tomato "Berdsky Krupny"
Tomato "Berdsky large". Medium early, large-fruited variety for open ground and film shel..
Tomato "Bezrazmerny" (Dimensionless)
Tomato "Dimensionless" (Bezrazmerny). Very large fruits. Mid-season variety with large f..
Tomato "Bolshoy Kush"
Tomato "Bolshoy Kush". A reliable and abundantly fruiting Siberian variety. Large-fruite..
Tomato "Bugay Rozovy"
Tomato "Bugai Rozovy". Mighty Siberian. Mid-season, large-fruited variety. The plant is ..
Tomato "Oljushka"
Tomato "Oljushka". No pinching required! Low-growing, medium-early variety for open grou..
Tomato "Ranny-83" (Early-83)
Tomato "Early-83". Unpretentious early ripening variety, 35-60 cm high. Can be grown with..
Tomato "Siberian Bananas"
Tomato "Siberian Bananas". Mid-season variety of Siberian breeders, with neon yellow frui..
Tomato "Siberian Kilogram"
Tomato "Sibirsky Kilogram". The leader in large-fruited and yield among giant tomatoes. ..
Tomato "Vechny Zov"
Tomato "Vechny Zov" (Eternal Call). Very large fruits. An early ripe variety with large ..
Tomato "Vidimo-Nevidimo"
Tomato "Vidimo-Nevidimo". Delicious and unpretentious. Early maturing, undersized (70-90..
Tomato ''Afrikansky Korichnevy''
Tomato ''Afrikansky Korichnevy'' (African Brown). Collection mid-season variety for..
Tomato ''Bakinsky Velikan"
Tomato ''Bakinsky Velikan". A mid-season variety of Siberian breeders with large raspb..
Tomatо "Orlinoe Serdce" ("Eagle Heart")
Tomatо "Orlinoe Serdce" ("Eagle Heart"). Mid-season, high-yielding, large-fruit..
Tomato "Pavlinje Pero" (Peacock Feather)
Tomato "Peacock Feather". Unusual, sweet, tricolor. Medium early, exotic variety for gre..
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