Cabbage broccoli "Calabrese Natalino"
Cabbage broccoli "Calabrese Natalino". A fertile plant with a mild taste. A very valuable..
 Medicinal lavender
Medicinal lavender (Common lavender) - Lavandula officinalis Chaix. A beautiful fragrant ..
 Petunia "Easy Wave Red" F1 (Surfinia)
Petunia "Easy Wave Red" F1 (Surfinia). Петуния ампельная "Изи Вейв Ред" F1 - ..
 Watermelon "Negro" F1
Watermelon "Negro" F1. A very early hybrid. Fruits are round, weighing 7-8 kg. The color ..
1800 SHU: Chili pepper "Haruba" F1
Chili pepper "Haruba" F1. Early horshaped hot pepper variety, green and red fruit, strong..
Alpine rockcress "Pink"
Alpine rock cress - Arabis alpina. A perennial highly branched plant, 15-20 cm high, forming d..
Alpine strawberry "Rjugen"
Alpine strawberry "Rjugen". Perennial plants, yielding red, sweet and fragant berries. Th..
Alum root "Firefly"
Crimson bells "Firefly" - Heuchera sanguinea. Perennial bushy plant 40 cm high. The ..
Annual flowers mix "Last minute"
Mix of hight annual flowers "Last minute". The mix contain seeds of 22 flower variet..
Arctic Poppy​​​​​​​ "Victory Giant" (mix)
Arctic Poppy "Victory Giant" (Siberian Poppy) - Papaver nudicaule.   ..
Artichoke "Violet de Provence"
ARTICHOKE "VIOLET DE PROVENCE" - Cynara scolymus. Perennial, 2 meters high, decorati..
Aster "Crallen" mix
Chinese aster "Crallen" (mix of colours) - Callistephus chinensis. A tall, elegant s..
Aster "Princess White"
Aster "Princess White". Magnificent autumn bouquet! An upright, branchy annual inte..
Aster "Princess" mix
China aster "Princess" mix. Астра китайская "Принцесса " Растения высотой 60..
Aster "Unikum White"
Aster "Unikum White" Астра игольчатая "Уникум белая" - Callistephus ..
Aster "Unikum Yellow"
Aster "Unikum Yellow" Астра игольчатая "Уникум жёлтая" - Callistephu..
Aster low-growing "Colored carpet - pink"
Low-growing aster "Colored carpet - pink" An excellent undersized variety for carpet flow..
Aster low-growing "Pinokkio"
Aster low-growing "Pinokkio" Астра низкорослая "Пиноккио". Замечательная аст..
Aster pompon "Princess Salmon"
Aster pompon "Princess Salmon" Plants 60 cm high. Pink inflorescences, resistan..
Aubrieta Leichtlinii
Аубреция Лейхтлина - Aubrieta x hybrida. Стелющееся, почвопокровное растение (высотой до 10 см..
Basellaspinat (india spinat) Basella alba L.
VINE SPINACH. Annual vines can grow up to 2 meters. Fleshy leaves of pleasant taste are used for fo..
Beebalm (mix)
Bergamot (Bee balm) mix - Monarda didyma. The mischievous, bright blooms of this variety are e..
Beetroot "Bona"
Red beet "Bona". A mid-late, high yielding variety.  The bulbs are round with a smo..
Beetroot "Cylindra"
RED BEETROOT "Cylindra" - Beta vulgaris L. Medium late variety of beetroot. Eve..
Beetroot "Detroit 2"
Beetroot "Detroit 2". Easily grown and popular vegetable. Roots are round, red, eaten raw..
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