Amaranth "Callaloo Red Leaf" (pigweed)
Amaranth (pigweed) "Calaloo Red Leaf". An undermanding green-stuff. Young sprouts are gathered all the year long and used for salads as well as heat treatment as a spinach. It overgrows quickly after scarfing. Undermanding for growing. ..
Asparagus "UC 157"
Green asparagus "UC 157". A variety of asparagus specially designed for growing green shoots that do not require bleaching. Young, not overgrown, tender shoots that grow from rhizomes in spring are very tasty and contain many vitamins..
Aster "Balloon white"
China aster "Balloon white". The indescribable luxury of terry inflorescences! The legendary series of asters "Balloon" surpasses all known varieties in terms of degree of doubleness and density of spherical inflorescences. A p..
Aster "Balloon Yellow"
Aster "Balloon Yellow". The luxury of terry inflorescences! The legendary series of asters "Balloon" surpasses all known varieties in terms of degree of doubleness and density of spherical inflorescences. A plant of a pyramidal..
Aster "Balloon" (mix)
Aster "Balloon" (double mix). The luxury of terry inflorescences! The legendary series of asters "Balloon" surpasses all known varieties in terms of degree of doubleness and density of spherical inflorescences. A plant of a pyr..
Aster "Lady Coral Chamois"
China aster "Lady Coral Chamois". The plant is up to 70 cm high, forms powerful stems, which are crowned with densely double inflorescences reaching 16 cm in diameter. Asters of this series are ideal for obtaining high-quality cut, since ..
Aster "Lady Coral" (special mix)
China aster "Lady Coral" (special blend) - Callistephus chinensis L. Luxurious series of tall asters (60-70 cm) with a pyramidal shape of the bush. Numerous densely double pink-shaped inflorescences with a diameter of 10-12 cm on strong p..
Aster "Ribbon Blue"
Aster "Ribbon Blue". Blue peony inflorescences with a diameter of 8-10 cm with a bright accent - a white longitudinal stripe on reed flowers.  The bush is compact with strong peduncles, 30 cm high. Flowering is early, plentiful and l..
Bears garlic (Ramson)
Ramson (Bear's garlic). Sensoric quality. Similar to garlic, but less strong and with a hint of chives. Main constituents Similar to garlic, bears garlic contains a large number of sulphur compounds: divinyl sulfide, dimethyl thiosulfonate, met..
Broad bean "Witkiem"
Broad Bean "Witkiem". Broad beans grow well on loamy, clayey, slightly acidic soils with sufficient moisture. The best predecessors of beans are cabbage, potatoes, pumpkin and various root crops.  The soil for broad beans is dug up i..
Broad bean "Witkiem"
Broad Bean "Witkiem". Бобы "Виткием". Агротехника. Бобы хорошо растут на суглинистых, глинистых, слабокислых почвах с достаточным увлажнением. Лучшими предшественниками бобов являются капуста, картофель, тыквенные и разли..
Broad beans "Windsor Bialy"
Broad beans "Windsor Bialy". Mid-season variety (120 days). The plant is powerful, 80-100 cm high. The pods are large, with 4-6 beans. The beans are white with a greenish tint. 1g = 1-2 seeds. Agricultural technology. Broad beans grow we..
Brussel sprouts "Casiopea"
Brussel sprout "Casiopea". Mid-late variety: 155-165 days from transplating. Suitable for gradual harvesting. Sprouts are smaller, dark green, densely clustered and firm. Good resistant to frost, uprooting and lodging. Plant reaches heigh..
Busy Lizzie "Fanciful Red"
Busy Lizzie "Fanciful Red" - Impatiens walleriana. Бальзамин Уоллера "Фэнсифул Ред" - Impatiens walleriana. Однолетнее растение. Куст шаровидной формы высотой до 30 см и диаметром 10-15 см. Листья тёмно-зелёные. Растение у..
Carrot "Lobo"
Fodder Carrot "Lobo". To harvest big roots sow from end or April till June 25-30 seeds per meter. Sowing depth is 2,0-2,5 cm. Good for storage and high-yielding variety. Кормовая морковь "Лобо". Высокоурожайный  сорт.&nb..
Carrot "Nantes 2" (on the tape)
Carrot "NANTES 2". Middle early variety for early and autumn harvest. Vegetation period is 110 days. 4 m long, water soluble and providing very precise sowing seed strip for early bunch harvest lay in greenhouse in March, April. Lay outdoo..
Carrot "Narbonne" F1
Carrot "NARBONNE" F1. Sow May to early June outdoors in columns or 40-45 cm distant rows, 45-70 seeds per running meter of row. Harvest from late September - October. Nante - type fruitful hybrid for lasting storage. Морковь "Нарбо..
Carrot "Nerac" F1
Carrot "Nerac" F1. Late Nantes type variety. Very good for storage in winter. Root is crunchy, sweet and juicy. Good grow in middle heavy loam soil. For carrot growing optimal soil acidity reaction is pH 6-7. Sow April, May 25-30 seeds p..
Carrot "Rote Riesen 2" (on the tape)
CARROT "ROTE RIESEN 2" (on the tape). Medium-early, very fertile variety. Root is bright orange, juicy - this variety is to those who want to grow root crops that are suitable for juice. Carrots are rich in vitamins C, B, B2, B6, PP and K,..
Carrot "Rotin" (on the tape)
Carrot "Rotin" (on the tape). Морковь "Ротин" (семена на ленте). Среднеспелый сорт моркови сортотипа "Нантская" (110-115 дней). Длина корнеплода 18-20 см. Хорошо хранится. Посев с апреля по июнь: ленту закладывают ..
Carrot "Samson"
Морковь "Самсон" - Daucus carota. Красивые сочные корнеплоды. Среднеспелый высокоурожайный сорт. Сортотип Нантская. Период от всходов до уборки урожая 110-112 дней. Корнеплоды цилиндрические, очень гладкие. Длина 20-22 см, масса 150-2..
Chinese cabbage "Mirako" F1
Chinese cabbage "MIRAKO" F1. Should be sown in hothouse to grow seedlings, planted out in the garden in early May, allowing distance between-rows 40-45 cm, 23-30 cm - between seedlings. Yield - on 30-40 days after planting out. To get earl..
Chinese Long Bean "Metro Purple Pod"
Yard long bean Red "Metro Purple Pod". A very productive crop with asparagus beans, with a high nutritional value. In terms of complete proteins, it is ahead of fish and comes close to meat. Technical ripeness occurs 60-65 days after ..
Comb-flower "Cheyenne Spirit" F1 (mix)
Coneflower "Cheyenne Spirit" F1 (mix) - Echinacea x hybrida. A charming mixture will create a romantic mood in your garden! Plants up to 75 cm high. Large inflorescences-baskets with a convex center and long hanging petals. Blo..
Coriander "Hacor"
Coriander "Hacor". Known as Kinza as well. Sow in early spring or late autumn. Germinate slowly 2-3 weeks. Sow every 10 days to have fresh leaves in longer period. Leaves add to salad, vegetable, rise and pulses meals, stews, soups, sauces..
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