Amaranth "Callaloo Red Leaf" (pigweed)
Amaranth (pigweed) "Calaloo Red Leaf". An undermanding green-stuff. Young sprouts are gat..
Brussel sprouts "Casiopea"
Brussel sprout "Casiopea". Mid-late variety: 155-165 days from transplating. Suitable for..
Busy Lizzie "Fanciful Red"
Busy Lizzie "Fanciful Red" - Impatiens walleriana. Бальзамин Уоллера "Фэнсифул..
Carrot "Lobo"
Fodder Carrot "Lobo". To harvest big roots sow from end or April till June 25-30 seeds pe..
Carrot "Nantes 2" (on the tape)
Carrot "NANTES 2". Middle early variety for early and autumn harvest. Vegetation period i..
Carrot "Narbonne" F1
Carrot "NARBONNE" F1. Sow May to early June outdoors in columns or 40-45 cm distant rows,..
Carrot "Nerac" F1
Carrot "Nerac" F1. Late Nantes type variety. Very good for storage in winter. Root is cru..
Carrot "Rote Riesen 2" (on the tape)
CARROT "ROTE RIESEN 2" (on the tape). Medium-early, very fertile variety. Root is bright ..
Carrot "Rotin" (on the tape)
Carrot "Rotin" (on the tape). Морковь "Ротин" (семена на ленте). Среднеспелы..
Cathedral bells "White"
Monastery vine "White". Climbing plant, grown in our northern climate as an annual, with ..
Chinese Long Bean "Metro Purple Pod"
Yard long bean Red "Metro Purple Pod". A very productive crop with asparagus beans, ..
Cornflower "Tom Pouce"
Garden cornflower "Tom Pouce". Delicate terry inflorescences on a compact bush! Favorite ..
Cucumber "Adam" F1
Cucumber "Adam" F1. One of the best early self-pollinated hybrids (ripens 40-45 days). Be..
Cucumber "Alex" F1
Cucumber "Alex" F1. Early maturing (45-50 days from germination) parthenocarpic (does not..
Cucumber "Rufus" F1
Cucumber "Rufus" F1. Огурец "Руфус" F1. Среднеранний гибрид. В мае-июне сеют..
Dahlia "Extreme" (mix)
Dahlia dwarf "Extreme" (mixture of colors) - Dahlia variabilis. Plants with a compact bus..
Dahlia "Piccolo" (low mix)
Dahlia "Piccolo" (mix). This bright mixture of dwarf varieties of the annual dahlia deser..
Edging lobelia "Blue with Eye Cascade"
Edging lobelia "Blue with Eye Cascade". Lobelia is a sun-loving plant, but it grows well ..
Feverfew "White Stars"
Bachelors buttons "White Stars" (Flirtwort). Unpretentious and cold-resistant annual..
Garden snapdragon "Antiquity" (mix)
Low snapdragon "Antiquity" (mix). Львиный зев низкорослый "Антиквити" - Antir..
Garden snapdragon ''Kimosy"
Garden snapdragon ''Kimosy". Львиный зев "Kimosy". Посев: Конец февраля -..
Gherkin "Kybria" F1
Parthenocarpic gherkin "Kybria" F1. Early, fertile, multi-fruit, self-polinating cucumber..
Gherkin "Rodnichok Natur" F1
Gherkin "Rodnichok Natur" F1. Огурец "Родничок Натур" F1 - Cucumis sativus L...
Goldenberry "Edulis"
Goldenberry "Edulis". Grown likes tomatoes. Seedlings planted in the open field after spr..
Hollyhock "Majorette"
Garden hollyhock "Majorette". Шток-роза "Мажоретте" - Alcea rosea annual. &l..
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