Capcane de culoare "Green wax"
 Capcane de culoare "Green wax"  - effective insect fight. ..
 Insecticidal Ant Control Powder
 Insecticidal Ant Control Powder This drug can be used both with ordinary dusting and watering. Co..
 Insecticidal Ant Control Powder
Insecticidal Ant Control Powder This drug can be used both with ordinary dusting and watering. Con..
"Switch" fungicide
Switch - сombined systemic contact fungicide. Highly effective combined systemic fungicide for plan..
Beetroot "Kestrel" F1
Red beet "Kestrel" F1. High-yielding, mid-late hybrid variety: the period from germi..
Calcium nitrate Ca(NO3)2
Norgessalpeter - Calcium nitrate Ca(NO3)2. The only physiologically alkaline fertilizer with a..
Carrot "Jerada" F1
Carrot "Jerada" F1. A very early hybrid, ready to use within 90 days from sowing. Root cr..
Carrot "Jõgeva Nantes" (on the tape)
Carrot  "Jõgeva Nantes" (seeds on the tape). Medium early, growing time 100-1..
Chicken droppings in granules "Kanakaka"
Chicken droppings in granules. 1,0 kg. Птичий помёт в гранулах. Если птица у вас на дачно..
Complex mineral fertilizer "Kristalliin"
Complex mineral fertilizer "Kristallin". Ecologically pure. Crystallin is not only a min..
Copper sulfate
Cuprous sulfate, copper sulfate, dicopper sulfate Cu2SO4. fungicide intended for spraying frui..
Dill "Mammut"
Dill "Mammut". Mid-season variety (from germination to harvesting for greens 38-42 days, ..
Fertilizer for indoor flowers
Fertilizer for indoor flowers.   Подкормочные удобрения-палочки для домашних цветов. ..
Fertilizer for orchids
Fertilizer for orchids. Balanced mineral fertilizer for good growth and bright flowering of orchi..
Garden paste "Arbosan"
Garden paste "Arbosan" It is much more convenient to use the garden varnish, because the ..
Gherkin "Dirigent" F1
Cucumber "Dirigent" F1. This is a parthenocarpic hybrid "DIRIGENT" F1 kind..
Green pea "Avola"
Wrinkled pea "Avola". Very early, fertile variety. Plants grow 50-60 cm tall, require no ..
Green pea "Utrillo"
Green peas "Utrillo". An early heavy yielding variety with a sturdy. Produces delicious,..
Green vitriol (FeSO4 x 7H2O) Ferrous sulfate
Green vitriol FeSO4 x 7H2O (Ferrous sulfate). Almost 200 years ago, it was proved that plants need ..
Karate Zeon - insecticide for garden
Insecticide for garden "Karate Zeon". "Karate Zeon" is a contact insecticide fo..
Liquid compost activator
Liquid compost activator. Organic waste composting activator. Composting accelerator - effectively ..
Liquid fertilizer
Жидкое комплексное минеральное удобрение для хвойников, рододендронов, азалий, культурной черни..
Liquid fertilizer
Liquid fertilizer for flowers
Liquid fertilizer for flowers 1 liter = 200 liters of fertilizing solution. Fast-acting water-solu..
Liquid fertilizer for roses
Жидкое комплексное минеральное удобрение для подкормки роз. Быстродействующее водорастворимое ..
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