A mixture of annuals and perennials for the cemetery
Mix of flowers for the cemetry. Graveyard Blend is a seed set consisting of annuals and perennials...
 A mixture of herbs for dry bouquets
A mixture of herbs for dry bouquets Annual plants 30-130 cm high with decorative inflorescences are..
 Adonis "Summer Love"
Adonis "Summer Love" - Summer pheasants eye. An annual herb with a simple or branche..
 Chrysanthemum tricolor
Chrysanthemum tricolor Annuals 50-100 cm high with tricolor flowers of white, yellow, pink and red...
 Decorative dwarf tobacco "Roulette" F2
Decorative dwarf tobacco "Roulette" F2 (colour mix). Annual plant 30-40 cm high. Strongl..
 Nirembergia purpurea "Cup Flower"
Nirembergia purpurea Cup Flower. An ideal plant for mixborders, rabatok, alpine slides, as wel..
 Snapdragon ampelous "Pola Mix"
Snapdragon ampelous "Pola Mix"  A great option for various containers, the shoots gr..
 Zinnia dahlia-flowered "Polar Bear"
Zinnia dahlia-flowered "Polar Bear" Magnificent annual. The plant is powerful, branched f..
"Living stones" collection (mix)
"Living stones" collection (mix). Small, stemless, leafy succulents from the Mesembriante..
"Mauritanian Lawn" (moorish lawn)
Mauritian lawn - mix of annual and perennial wild plants. 500,0 g = 100 m2. If you want to have a ..
Adam's needle
Adam's needle (soap root) - Yucca filamentosa. Treelike plants with a thickened trunk..
Adlay millet "Tear"
Adlay millet "Tear" (Job's tears) - Coix lacryma-jobi. It is an unusual 50-60 cm tall..
Aegean wallflower (mix)
Aegean wallflower (mix). Fragrant flower. Light Requirements: Sun to partial shade. Flower Color:..
African Daisy "Pastel shades mix"
African Daisy "Pastel shades" (mix of colours) - Dimorphotheca sinuata. Herbaceous p..
African horned cucumber "Kiwano"
Kiwano (African cucumber, Jelly melon). Crop requiring warm humous soils rich in nutrients. Trim th..
African marigold "Fantastic Lemon"
African marygold "Fantastic Lemon". Tall marigolds with original large and densely double..
Alpine aster (mix)
Aster alpinus A perennial shrub plant about 30 cm high. Flowers appear in large numbers in May and ..
Alpine Forget-Me-Not "Pink"
Alpine Forget-Me-Not "Pink". An early flowering plant. Branched stem 20-30 cm high. Pin..
Alpine Forget-Me-Not "White"
Alpine Forget-Me-Not "White". Незабудка альпийская "Белая" - Myosoti..
Alpine Forget-Me-Not (mix)
Alpine Forget-Me-Not (colour mix). Незабудка альпийская (смесь окрасок) - Myosotis alpestris..
Alpine strawberries "Attila"
Alpine strawberries "Attila" The plant is compact, densely leafy. The bushes are very dec..
Alum root (mix)
Coral bells (mix). Plants 40-60 cm high. Green leaves are collected in a compact basal rosette, dec..
Amaranth (original mixture of species and colors)
Joseph's coat - Amaranth (original mixture of species and colors). Nicely bright decorative dec..
Amaranth (seeds for germination)
Amaranth - microgreens ("Green Viagra"). A source of plant-based, easily digestible prote..
Anemone "Violet" (pasque flower)
Pasque flower "Violet" (Anemone). Perennial growing to 0,2m by 0,3m. It is hardy to zone..
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