Beetroot "Regulski Cylinder"
Beetroot "Regulski Cylinder". Свёкла столовая "Регульский цилиндр". Лёгкий с..
Brussels Sprouts "Long Island"
Brussels Sprouts "Long Island" - Brassica oleracea L. convar. oleracea var. gemmifera. ..
Carrot "Flakkee 2"
CARROT FLAKKEE 2. Late, fertile variety. Harvested in 115-120 days after germination of seeds. Root..
Chive "Wulkan"
Chive "Wulkan" - Allium schoenoprasum L. Very profilic. This is an early variety which i..
Climbing french bean "Goldmarie"
Climbing french bean "Goldmarie" (Snap bean). An early to mid-early variety. The pod is l..
Climbing french bean "Hilds Neckarkönigin"
Snap bean "Hilds Neckarkönigin". A very productive variety of early maturing be..
Courgette Zucchini "Astra Polka"
Courgette Zucchini "Astra Polka". Кабачок цуккини "Астра Полька". Высоко..
Cucumber "Andrus" F1
Gherkin "Andrus" F1. A hybrid variety for open field cultivation. Fruit are of a reg..
Cucumber "Caruso" F1
Greenhouse salad cucumber "Caruso" F1. Semi-long hybrid for salad purposes. Resistance: ..
Cucumber "Iwa"
Salad cucumber "Iwa". Огурец "Ива".  Ранний сорт салатного назначения. ..
Cucumber "Odys" F1
Cucumber "Odys" F1. Mid-season (50-55 days) bee-pollinated hybrid for open ground and fil..
Cucumber "Olimp" F1
Salad cucumber "Olimp" F1. It retains its presentation for a long time! The pulp is sweet..
Cucumber "Portal" F1
Cucumber "Portal" F1. Огурец "Портал" F1. Среднеранний гибрид женского типа ..
Cucumber "Rodos" F1
Pickling cucumber "Rodos" F1 - Cucumis sativus L. Medium early, productive hybrid. N..
Cucumber "Sander" F1
Cucumber "Sander" F1. Огурец "Сандер" F1. Высокоурожайный гибрид огурца-корн..
Cucumber "Soplica" F1
Cucumber "Soplica" F1. Delicious taste. Огурец "Соплица" F1. Не образует пу..
Cucumber "Szeryf" F1
Cucumber "Szeryf" F1. A very early variety. The fruits are dark green. Has resistance to..
Dwarf french bean "Elektra"
FRENCH BEAN DWARF "ELEKTRA". A very early variety. Plants are 30-40 cm tall. Pods are bri..
Dwarf french bean "Ferrari"
Dwarf french bean "Ferrari". Фасоль низкорослая "Феррари". Условия выращиван..
Dwarf french bean "Galopka"
DWARF FRENCH BEAN "GALOPKA". Medium early, yielding french bean variety. Vegetation perio..
Dwarf french bean "Polka"
French bean dwarf "Polka". An early, yielding french bean variety. Vegetation period is 6..
Dwarf french bean "Purple Teepee"
French bean dwarf "Purple Teepee". Early, shrub, long yielding green bean variety. Resist..
Dwarf french bean "Supernano Giallo"
Dwarf french bean "Supernano Giallo". A treasure trove of nutrients for the heart and blo..
Dwarf shell bean "Felicja"
Shell bean "Felicja" (low-growing). The plant is 40-45 cm high. The beans ripen 95-110 da..
Dwarf shell bean "Kreacja"
Dwarf shell bean "Kreacja". A late-ripening and disease-resistant variety intended for ob..
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