Beetroot "Akela"
Beetroot "Akela" Medium-early variety, resistant to bolting. Suitable for fresh use, pres..
Carrot "Morelia" F1
Carrot "Morelia" F1. Морковь "Морелия" F1. Отличный вкус и длительное хранен..
Carrot "Nantes 5" (Monanta)
CARROT "NANTES 5" (Monanta). A universal kind which is grown for summer and autumn harves..
Red Beet "Monty" F1
Red Beet "Monty" F1. Свёкла "Монти" F1. Среднеспелый сорт (период от полных ..
White cabbage "Ancoma" F1
White cabbage "Ancoma" F1. A medium-earliness kind, characterized by it s good taste &nd..
White Cabbage "Jetma" F1
White Cabbage ''Jetma'' F1. Weight per 1000 seeds = 4,5-5,0 g. Number of seeds in ..
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