Beetroot "Bikores"
Red beet "Bikores" - Beta vulgaris L. Late fertile cultivar from Holland (Bejo Zaden): grows within 120-125 days after seeding. Strong foliage. Root crops are round, dark red. Suitable storage, processing and making natural dyes. Hig..
Arctic poppy "Excelsior" mix (Iceland poppy)
Arctic poppy "Excelsior" mix (Iceland Poppy) - Papaver nudicaule. An amazing perennial plant with large flowers will decorate your garden when nature does not please with riotous color. Height up to 60 cm, diameter of inflorescences ..
Arctic Poppy "Lemon Yellow"
Arctic Poppy "Lemon Yellow". Мак голостебельный "Лимонно-жёлтый" - Papaver nudicaule. Изумительное многолетнее растение с крупными лимонно-жёлтыми цветами украсит Ваш сад, когда природа ещё не радует буйным цветом. Декор..
Armenian cucumber "Tortarello Arbuzzese"
Armenian cucumber "Tortarello Arbuzzese"  - Cucumis adzhur. Medium early variety, with exotic appearance, 40-45 cm long, with pronounced ribbing, light green color. The taste of Watermelon cucumber is sweet, fragrant, it is very ..
Armenian cucumber "Tortarello Barese"
Armenian cucumber "Tortarello Barese" - Cucumis melo var. flexuosus. Medium early (80-85 days) melon culture of the Pumpkin family for growing in open ground and film greenhouses. The plant is vigorous, the main whip is 2.5-3 m l..
Artichoke "Tizio" F1
Garden Artichoke "Tizio" F1 - Cynara cardunculus var. scolymus. Hardiness Rating: 8, 9. Description: With sharp spines greatly reduced and larger, heavier bearing, consistent quality globe-shaped heads. Sowing Instructions..
Artichoke "Violetto precoce"
Artichoke "Violetto precoce" - Cynara scolymus. Hardiness Rating: 8, 9. With sharp spines greatly reduced and larger, heavier bearing, consistent quality globe-shaped heads. Sowing: sow outdoors in free draining soil in mid s..
Asparagus of Argenteuil
Asparagus of Argenteuil - Asparagus officinalis. A variety of asparagus is specially developed for growing green shoots that do not require bleaching. Young, ungrown, tender shoots that grow from rhizomes in the spring are very tasty and conta..
Barberton daisy "Grandi Fiori mix"
Transvaal daisy "Grandi Fiori mix" - Gerbera x hybrida. Light Requirements: Sun to partial shade. Flower Color: Red, pink, yellow, white, orange, salmon; single, semi-double to double. Height: 12 to 18 inches. Spacing: 12 to 15 inches..
Basil "A Foglie di Lattuga"
Sweet basil "A Foglie di Lattuga". Early ripening variety (period from germination to technical ripeness 55-60 days). The leaves are large, wide, green. The taste is sweet, with a clove flavour. Greens are used fresh and dried in salads, ..
Basil "A Palla Verde Scuro"
Basil "A Palla Verde Scuro". Medium early grade. The plant is compact, 30-35 cm high, with bright green leaves and a persistent spicy aroma. The mass of one plant is 60-70 g. Demanding on heat and light, it is planted in places protected f..
Basil "Fine Nano Compatto a Palla"
Dwarf sweet basil "Fine Nano Compatto a Palla" - Ocimum americanum L. Strongly leafy, compact bush with an amazing clove-pepper aroma! Early ripe copt. The plant is upright, up to 25 cm high, compact, semi-raised shoots, with a large numbe..
Basil "Largo Dolce Per Vasi"
Sweet basil "Largo Dolce Per Vasi". Compact salad form with unsurpassed aroma and spicy-sweet taste. A plant with a height of 20-25 cm with large wide light green leaves with a high content of essential oils and mineral salts. The variet..
Basil "Violetto Aromatico" (Dark Opal)
Sweet basil "Dark Opal" (Violetto Aromatico). Medium early grade. The plant is semi-spreading, well leafy, 40-50 cm high. The leaves are dark purple, with a strong aroma. Plant mass 180-230 g. Demanding for heat and light, it is planted in..
Basil ''Bolloso Napoletano''
Sweet basil ''Bolloso Napoletano'' - Ocimum basilicum L. A must-have for spaghetti! Mid-season variety. The plant is semi-spreading, 35-40 cm high. The leaves are highly bubbly, bright green, up to 12 cm long, with a unique spicy ar..
Basil ''Verde a Piccole Foglie" (small leaves)
Basil ''Verde a Piccole Foglie" with small leaves. A fragrant, small-leaved variety of basil. Compact bush with a large number of shoots with small, green and very fragrant leaves. Plant height 20-25 cm. Used as a spice for various..
Basil ''Italiano classico Tigullio"
Sweet basil ''Italiano classico Tigullio''. Medium early grade. The plant is 35-40 cm high. The leaves are green, with a pleasant delicate aroma and taste, contain many vitamins and minerals. Used as salad greens, seasoning for..
Beetroot "Detroit 2"
Beetroot "Detroit 2". Ideal for freezing! A mid-early variety of red beet that ripens 85-95 days after planting. Root crops are round, very beautiful, with a smooth skin and a small rosette of leaves. The pulp is dark red, excellent stru..
Beetroot "Red Sun" F1
Beetroot "Red Sun" F1 - Beta vulgaris var. conditiva. Modern mid-early (105-116 days from germination to technical ripeness) hybrid of beets. The rosette of leaves is small, erect. Root crops are rounded, intense dark red in color, with de..
Beetroot "Tonda di Chioggia"
RED BEETROOT "TONDA DI CHIOGGIA" - Beta vulgaris. An early kind of beetroot. Vegetation period is approximately 60 days. Root vegetables of this beetroot variety, stands out for a sweet, mild flavor. The pulp is dark red with wide white ri..
Black pepper
Black pepper - Piper nigrum. Black pepper is grown mainly in countries with a tropical climate. Outwardly, it looks like a vine, so large plantations are used for breeding. The plant reaches a height of as much as seven meters and blooms every..
Bladder campion "Sclupit"
Maidenstears Sculpit - Silene inflata. Perennial aromatic herb to flavor salads, egg dishes, risotto. Young leaves and shoots are commonly cooked or eaten raw in salads (they have a sweet, slightly bitter flavor) - that adds a fresh bite. Flav..
Bonfire sage "Nana Blue"
Dwarf bonfire sage "Nana Blue" - Salvia splendens. Bright compact bushes! Spectacular blooms! The plant has an obverse pyramidal shape, densely leafy, compact, 20-30 cm high. The flowers are intense blue in colour, collected in race..
Boreal chickweed "Bianco"
Boreal chickweed "Bianco" - Cerastium biebersteinii. Hardy Herbaceous Perennial. Flowers: Late Spring. Height: 6 inches (15-20 cm). Ideal For: Border, Edging. Germination: Easy. Aftercare: Easy.  Description. A low spreading..
Broad bean "Aguadulce Supersimonia"
Broad bean "Aguadulce Supersimonia". Medium early (from germination to technical ripeness 71-89 days) variety. Plants are medium-leafy, 1-1.2 m high. Pods are long, wide, strongly curved, green in technical ripeness. The grains are large, ..
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