Ammonium nitrate + ammonium sulfate = Ammonium sulfonitrate
Universal combined nitrogen-sulfur fertilizer - ammonium sulfonitrate (ammonium nitrate NH4NO3 ..
Ammonium sulfonitrate
Universal combined nitrogen-sulfur fertilizer - ammonium sulfonitrate (ammonium nitrate NH4NO3 ..
Azofoska (Nitroammofoska)
Азофоска или нитроаммофоска считается одним из самых распространённых удобрений, которое применяется..
Corn "Black Aztec"
Black corn. This heirloom corn have been grown by the ancient Aztecs 2,000 years ago. Plants r..
Fertilizer for lawns + moss elimination
Mineral fertilizer for lawns + moss elimination.   Минеральное удобрение "Зелёный газо..
Fertilizer for Strawberries and Berry shrubs
NPK fertilizer for Strawberries and Berry shrubs. N: 11. P2O5: 9. K2O: 20. ..
Mineral fertilizer for conifers
NPK mineral Fertilizer for conifers. Минеральное удобрение для хвойников. Гранулированное удоб..
Nitrofoska (NPK: 15-15-15). Mineral fertilizer. 1,0 kg = 40-50 m2. Нитрофоска - минера..
Quail droppings "Vutikaka"
Quail droppings "Vutikaka". Poultry manure is an excellent organic fertilizer for all pla..
Tobacco "Havana Gold"
Smoking tobacco ''Gavana Gold''. Perfectly grows in cooler climates. Attractive va..
Tobacco "Virginia Gold"
Smoking tobacco "Virginia Gold" - Nicotiana tabacum. One of the best known varieties..
Tomato "Absinthe"
Tomato "Absinthe". Delicate fruity aroma! An attractive and unique tomato variety with l..
Tomato "African Queen"
Tomato "African Queen". ..
Tomato "Amish Paste"
Tomato "Amish Paste". Relic! A unique variety of tomato from Wisconsin, obtained in the ..
Tomato "Babylons Glow"
Tomato "Babylons Glow". A multicolor determinate tomato ideal for pots, bred by Blane Hor..
Tomato "Berkeley Tie-Dye Heart"
Tomato "Berkeley Tie-Dye Heart". The unique color and rich tomato flavor with a pleasant ..
Tomato "Big Zac"
Beefsteak tomato "Big Zac" - is the world champion in weight today (3800 g), wh..
Tomato "Black Beauty"
Tomato "Black Beauty" This variety is darknest known tomato in the world. Very tasty..
Tomato "Black From Tula"
Tomato "Black From Tula". A Russian heirloom variety tolerant to cold weather that is ver..
Tomato "Blood Moon"
Tomato "Blood Moon". Delicious, sweet, juicy-fleshy, with a taste of exotic fruits. A no..
Tomato "Blue Beauty"
Tomato "Blue Beauty". Part of Indigo series productive variety that has fleshy, blue-pink..
Tomato "Blue Tom"
Tomato "Blue Tom". A dark-fruited indigo tomato with a well-balanced sweet taste. Indeter..
Tomato "Blushing Bride"
Tomato "Blushing Bride". A productive heirloom tomato from Pennsylvania, USA. Vigorous vi..
Tomato "Brad's black heart"
Tomato "Brad's black heart". Its rich and sweet taste makes it one of the best black ..
Tomato "Brandywine Apricot"
Tomato "Brandywine Apricot". A Brandywine productive variety. Huge potato-leaved vines. F..
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