What is a "polystone"?

Polystone is a modern, high-tech and versatile material, which is made on the basis of acrylic resin with the addition of aluminum hydroxide and pigments.

Beauty, durability, environmental friendliness, ease of processing, makes polystone an ideal material for the manufacture of garden products. Figures created from a polystone are distinguished by their chic appearance and exclusive style. The ability to seamlessly connect elements will give the product the look of a single whole, add modernity and comfort.

Compared to natural stone, polystone is not a porous material. This property prevents the appearance of mold and fungi on products, which makes it an ideal material for use in Your garden. Also, it is very resistant to ultraviolet rays. With 200 hours of exposure to ultraviolet rays, under the conditions of a test for rapid artificial aging, no wrinkles or bubbles appear. And the process of natural aging is about 15 years.


About our figures:

Since all the figures and products are handmade, this means that each of them is unique in its own way!

We also want to warn our customers about the features of some products so that they are in the know. Some figures have this technical hole, which is necessary for the manufacture of figures.

Since the products are made by hand, during manufacture and drying they are in the same position during the whole process, as a result of which the bottom is the most vulnerable and delicate place of the figures, which, fortunately, does not prevent us from enjoying the beauty of the figures themselves and using them for their intended purpose.


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