• 50 000 SHU: Hot Pepper "Kilian"

50 000 SHU: Hot Pepper "Kilian"

Capsicum annuum L.
  • Brand: Semo
  • In a pack: 0,4 g
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  • 1.79€

Medium early variety of spicy chilli. Fruits can grow to 8 inches long, with 3 mm thick skin, orange when ripe. Optimal temperatures for seed germination +22+25˚C. Seeds germinate within 14-22 days. Grown in greenhouses and outdoors, can be grown in pots. Seedlings are planted outdoors after frost. 
Maturity: mid early.
Unripe colour: green.
Ripe colour: orange.
Number of lobes: 2-3.
Flesh thickness: 2 mm.
Average size: 8x1 cm.
Weight: 10-12 g.
Scoville heat units (SHU): 30000-50000.

Hot pepper Kilian

Eng.: Chile Pepper Red, Hot pepper. Suom.: Chilipaprika.

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