• 5 000 SHU: Hot pepper "Jalapeno"

5 000 SHU: Hot pepper "Jalapeno"

Capsicum annuum L.
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Hot pepper "Jalapeno"
Early-maturing,high-yielding hot pepper variety.Vegetation period-65-75 days.Fruits grow to be up to 7,5-8 cm long,matures to red.The more mature the fruits,the hotter they get.Best temperature for germination-+22-25C.Seeds germinate within 14-22 days.Grown in greenhouses and outdoors or pots.Seedlings are transplanted outdoors at the end of May.
1 gram = 150-230 seeds

Eng.: Chile Pepper, Hot pepper. Suom.: Chilipaprika (Tulinen pippuri). Sven.: Chilipeppar (Het peppar).

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