• Green peas "Vada"

Green peas "Vada"

Pisum sativum L.
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Pea "Vada".
Mid-early, 60-70 cm tall, very highly productive variety of shelling peas.
Sow in garden in beds possibly early April. Sow repeatedly with 10-20 days intervals. The support is not necassary. Matures in 70-80 days after sowing. Plant requires moisture and light.

Горох "Вада".
Среднеранний сорт (70-80 дней) лущильного гороха высотой 60-70 см.
Урожайный и вкусный.

Eng.: Green peas. Suom.: Herneet. Sven.: Ärtor. Bot.: Pisum sativum L.

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