• Green peas "Winner"

Green peas "Winner"

Pisum sativum L.
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Green pea "WINNER"
A very early variety intended for immediate consumption as well as for industrial processing. The first flowers appear at the 9th - 10th node. The number of seeds in a pod is 7 to 8. The pods are green with large to very large seeds. The recommended Seed rate is 90 to 100 plants per 1 m2. The recommended sowing rate is 180 to 200 kg per ha. The time from sowing to harvest is approx. 59 days.

Сорт мозгового гороха "Winner".
Ранний сорт (59 дней), предназначенный для употребления в свежем виде, для консервирования и заморозки.
Количество горошин в стручке: 7-8 штук. Горошины очень крупные.

Sugar Peas Suhkruhernes

Eng.: Wrinkled pea. Suom.: Ydinherne. Sven.: Märgärtor.

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