• Green pea "Esprit"

Green pea "Esprit"

Pisum sativum L.
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Peas "Esprit".
A mid-ripening variety of shell peas: from full sprouting to the beginning of technical ripeness of peas - 61-72 days. The stem is short and of medium length. The leaves are of the usual type. Stipules are large with a waxy coating. The flowers are white, large. Pods are moderately curved, of medium length and width. In technical ripeness, green - dark green, there is a parchment layer. Seeds are medium in size. Peas in technical ripeness have a dark green color.
The height of attachment of the lower pods is 28-34 cm. The yield of green peas from the beans is 42-49%. Canning, for fresh use and freezing.
Fresh peas have excellent taste qualities.
Suitable for mechanized harvesting, yield of green peas: 4400-6700 kg / ha.

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