Beta vulgaris L. var. rapacea
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Yellow fodder beet "Buciansky zlty valec".
Mid-season single-sprout variety. The rosette of leaves is semi-upright. The leaf is green, of medium length and width. The root crop is cylindrical, the color above the soil level is green, below the level it is yellow, weighing 300-800 g (up to 1.2 kg), the pulp is yellow, juicy. Submerged in soil 2/3 above the ground.
Variety value: resistance to flowering, high productivity.
Recommended for growing as animal feed.

Loomapeet kollane Свёкла кормовая жёлтая Beta vulgaris L. var. Crassa

Eng.: Fodder beet "Yellow". Suom.: Rehujuurikas. Sven.: Foderbeta. Beta vulgaris L. var. Crassa Mansf.

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