Arctic poppy "Excelsior" mix (Iceland poppy)
Arctic poppy "Excelsior" mix (Iceland Poppy) - Papaver nudicaule. An amazing perenni..
Arctic Poppy "Lemon Yellow"
Arctic Poppy "Lemon Yellow". Мак голостебельный "Лимонно-жёлтый" - Papav..
Arctic Poppy​​​​​​​ "Victory Giant" (mix)
Arctic Poppy "Victory Giant" (Siberian Poppy) - Papaver nudicaule.   ..
Iceland Poppy (mix)
Arctic Poppy (mix). Мак голостебельный "Смесь окрасок" или Исландский мак - Papave..
Oriental Poppy "Scarlet"
Oriental Poppy "Scarlet". Flowers or seedcapsules for cutting; Height 80 cm. Dark red..
Poppy "Orientale mix"
Poppy "Orientale mix". Family: Papaveraceae. Origin: Southwest Asia . Special Features:..
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