Arctic poppy "Excelsior" mix (Iceland poppy)
Arctic poppy "Excelsior" mix (Iceland Poppy) - Papaver nudicaule. An amazing perennial plant with large flowers will decorate your garden when nature is not yet happy with its exuberant color. Height up to 60 cm, diameter of infloresc..
Arctic Poppy "Lemon Yellow"
Arctic Poppy "Lemon Yellow". Мак голостебельный "Лимонно-жёлтый" - Papaver nudicaule. Изумительное многолетнее растение с крупными лимонно-жёлтыми цветами украсит Ваш сад, когда природа ещё не радует буйным цветом. Декор..
Arctic Poppy​​​​​​​ "Victory Giant" (mix)
Arctic Poppy "Victory Giant" (Siberian Poppy) - Papaver nudicaule.   Мак сибирский "Victory Giant" - Papaver nudicaule. Изумительное многолетнее растение с крупными чашевидными цветами украсит Ваш сад,..
Iceland poppy "Windsong" F2 (mix)
Iceland poppy "Windsong" F2 (mix) - Papaver nudicaule. For the rockgarden. Flowers or seedcapsules for cutting, first year flowering. Flowering season:  Mai-September. Winter hardiness zone: Z2-Z8. Height: 25-40 cm. Flowers 10 cm,..
Oriental poppy "Scarlet"
Oriental Poppy "Scarlet" - Papaver orientale. In summer, its flowering is like a fire - the greenery already familiar to the eye at one moment flashes with scarlet lights, swaying from gusts of wind. The blazing "bonfire" l..
Poppy "Orientale mix"
Poppy "Orientale mix" - Papaver orientale. Family: Papaveraceae. Origin: Southwest Asia . Special Features: Large thick buds open-up to crepe paper-like salmon-pink blossoms with alluring black interior blotches. Natural Flowe..
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