Clove pink "Chabaud Fantasy mix"
Border carnation "Chabaud Fantasy mix". Гвоздика садовая Шабо (смесь) - Dianthus ca..
Fringed Pink "Spooky mix"
Fringed Pink "Spooky mix". Physical Characteristics: Perennial growing to 0.4 m. It is ..
Maiden pink
Meadow pink. Гвоздика травянка - Dianthus deltoides L. Цветёт с июня по сентябрь, ..
Maiden pink "Cherry-Red"
Meadow pink "Cherry-Red". Plant height 10-20 cm. A very bright, intense color is cha..
Maiden pink "Flashing Light"
Maiden pink "Flashing Light" Cultivation: sunny site with a poor, sandy soil alpine house..
Maiden pink (mix)
Meadow pink (colour mix). A very beautiful decorative and medicinal perennial herb of the clove fam..
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