Alpine Forget-Me-Not "Pink"
Alpine Forget-Me-Not "Pink". An early flowering plant. Branched stem 20-30 cm high. Pin..
Alpine Forget-Me-Not "White"
Alpine Forget-Me-Not "White". Незабудка альпийская "Белая" - Myosoti..
Alpine rockcress "Pink"
Alpine rock cress - Arabis alpina. A perennial highly branched plant, 15-20 cm high, forming d..
Alum root "Firefly"
Crimson bells "Firefly" - Heuchera sanguinea. Perennial bushy plant 40 cm high. The ..
Alum root (mix)
Coral bells (mix). Plants 40-60 cm high. Green leaves are collected in a compact basal rosette, dec..
Anemone Mix
Pasque flower - Anemone mix. The spring palette of airy Pulsatilla flowers will decorate any flower..
Aubrieta Leichtlinii
Аубреция Лейхтлина - Aubrieta x hybrida. Стелющееся, почвопокровное растение (высотой до 10 см..
Autumn sage (mix)
Autumn sage (color mix) - Salvia superba. Attractive and vibrant perennial! Plant height reach..
Balloon flower (mix)
Chinese bellflower (mix) - Platycodon grandiflorus. A charming compact frost-resistant plant w..
Beebalm (Colour mix)
Beebalm Oswego - mixture, shades of red, white, pink and salmon. Flowers or seedcapsules for c..
Beebalm (mix)
Bergamot (Bee balm) mix - Monarda didyma. The mischievous, bright blooms of this variety are e..
Bellflower carpatica "Blue"
Carpatica Bellflower "Blue" - Campanula carpatica. Eng.: Bellflower ca..
Bellflower carpatica (mix)
Carpatica Bellflower (mix). The blue-white mixture is perfect for creating “nautical&rdq..
Bighead knapweed (mix)
Bighead knapweed "Mix". The bush is 60-100 cm high. It keeps its shape well, does not fal..
Bigleaf garden lupine (mix)
Bigleaf garden lupine (mix) - Luphinus polyphyllus. Favorite showy flowers. Unpretentious per..
Blue eryngo
Blue eryngo (Sea Holly). Perennial growing to 1.2 m by 0.7 m. It is hardy to zone 4. It is in flo..
Blue fescue "Varna"
Blue fescue "Varna". Hardy Herbaceous Perennial. Height: 12 inches. Ideal For: Border, ..
Blue flax
Blue flax (Perennial flax). Delicate, surprisingly beautiful plant, especially when grown in massif..
Border clematis (Old man`s beard) "Ocean of Love"
Blue clematis "Old man`s beard" (Traveller`s Joy, Border clematis) - Clematis integrifolia..
Boreal chickweed "Bianco"
Boreal chickweed "Bianco" - Cerastium biebersteinii. Hardy Herbaceous Perennial. Flo..
Butterfly bush (mix)
Butterfly bush (mix). Physical Characteristics: A decidious shrub growing to 3m by 3m at a fast rat..
Butterfly milkweed
Butterfly milkweed. This hardy perennial is well known for its ability to attract butterflies. If y..
Caucasian Pincushion Flower "Perfecta Blue"
Caucasian Pincushion Flower "Perfecta Blue". Скабиоза кавказская "Синий перфект&qu..
Caucasian stonecrop
Caucasian stonecrop. Седум ложный "Малиновый". Многолетник. Высота растения 5 см (до 1..
Clustered Bellflower (violet-blue & white mixed)
Clustered Bellflower (violet-blue & white mixed). Perennial 40-60 cm high. The diameter of th..
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