Alpine "Forget-Me-Not" (mix)
Alpine "Forget Me Not" color mix. * Незабудка альпийская садовая - Мyosotis х..
Alpine Forget-Me-Not "Blue"
Alpine Forget-Me-Not "Blue". Незабудка альпийская "Небесно-синяя" - Myosotis ..
Alpine Forget-Me-Not (mix)
Alpine Forget-Me-Not (colour mix). Незабудка альпийская (смесь окрасок) - Myosotis alpestris..
Border carnation (mix)
Divine flower (colour mix) - Dianthus caryophyllus. Гвоздика садовая (смесь) - Dianthus caryophyl..
Canterbury bell "Cup and Saucers" (pink)
Canterbury bell "Cup and Saucers" (pink). Колокольчик "Чашка с блюдцем, Розовый&qu..
Canterbury bells "Cup and Saucers" mix
Canterbury bells "Cup and Saucers" mix. Колокольчик средний "Чашка с блюдцем"..
Canterbury Bells "Double mixed"
Canterbury Bells (mix) - Campanula medium calycanthema flora plena. Колокольчик средний ..
Chabaud clove pink "White"
Chabaud clove pink "White" - Dianthus caryophyllus var. schabaud. Plants are 50 cm h..
China Carnation "Hallborn Glory"
China Carnation "Hallborn Glory". Гвоздика турецкая "Холборн Глория" - Dianth..
China сarnation "Fragrance mix"
Sweet William "Fragrance mix". Гвоздика турецкая "Фрагранс Микс"..
Clove pink "Grenadin Mixture"
Clove pink "Grenadin Mixture". Гвоздика садовая - Dianthus caryophyllus L. Р..
Clove pink "Jeanne Dionis"
Clove pink chabaud "Jeanne Dionis". Гвоздика садовая Шабо "Jeanne Dionis"..
Common daisy "Pomponette mix"
Common daisy "Pomponette mix". Магаритка "Помпонная" (смесь) - Bellis perenni..
Common daisy "Radar"
Common daisy "Radar". Маргаритка "Радар" - Bellis perennis. Двулетник. Непри..
Coneflower bicolor
Bicolor coneflower. Unpretentious, abundantly flowering plant with large inflorescences-baskets. St..
Daisy flower "Pomponette pink"
Lawndaisy "Pomponette pink". Large terry and compact! Perennial flowering plant, cu..
Daisy flower "Pomponette white"
Pompon daisy "Pomponette white". Large terry and compact! Perennial flowering plant..
Foxglove "Excelsior mix"
Наперстянка "Эксцельсиор" (смесь) - Digitalis purpurea mixed. Двулетник. Высота 100 см. Д..
Foxglove (mix)
Foxglove (mix). Biennial. Plant height 130-150 cm. Flower diameter 5 cm. Frost and drought-resistan..
Hollyhock "Red"
Hollyhock semi-double "Red". Biennial. A majestic, slender plant with very large double f..
Hollyhock "Summer Carnival" (mix)
Hollyhock ''Summer Carnival'' (mix) - Althaea rosea L. Origin: Turkey, Asia. Speci..
Hollyhock "White"
Hollyhock semi-double "White". Stock-rose is a magnificent plant, which is rightfully an ..
Hollyhock "Yellow"
Garden Hollyhock double "Yellow". This perennial is a beautiful double yellow h..
Hollyhock double "Violet"
Hollyhock semi-double Chater`s Violet. Classic garden giants. The stem is powerful, branched, up to..
Purple foxglove "Elsie Kelsey"
Special Features: Creamy white bell flowers with very unusual, deep burgundy splotched throats. His..
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