Perennial sweet pea
Sweet pea
Sweet pea "Beaujoalais"
Sweet pea "Beaujoalais" - Lathyrus odoratus L. This spectacular variety belongs to the la..
Sweet pea "Beaujolais" (mix)
Душистый горошек "Бижу" (смесь окрасок) - для ранней срезки. Растения однолетние..
Sweet pea "Evelyn"
Sweet pea "Evelyn". Plant of the legume family with climbing stems 180 cm high. Blooms fr..
Sweet pea "Lavender-blue"
Sweetpea "Lavender-blue" - Lathyrus odoratus. Energetic and aromatic, creating a rom..
Sweet pea "Love Formula"
Sweetpea "Formula of Love". Excellent pink-white shades of "sailing" infloresce..
Sweet pea "Mammoth Scarlet"
Sweetpea "Mammoth Scarlet". Душистый горошек "Мамонт Алый" - Lathyrus odoratu..
Sweet pea "Mariner"
Blue sweet pea Mariner - Lathyrus odoratus. One of the most fragrant! Annual, herbaceous, bra..
Sweet pea "Royal White"
Sweet pea "White". First class! Seed selected from first-class varieties, many of them f..
Sweet peas "America"
Sweet peas "America" ​​- Lathyrus odoratus. An annual, fast-growing plant up to 1.5 m in ..
Sweetpea "Night & Day"
Sweet pea "Night and Day" - Lathyrus odoratus. The king of annual flowers! A light-lovin..
Sweetpea "Violet"
Sweet peas "Violet". Large flowers with wavy edges! Climbing strong, well leafy stems up..
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