Sunflower - plant height
Beach sunflower "Sunny Babe"
Beach sunflower (Cucumber-leaf sunflower). Подсолнечник слабый "Sunny Babe" (Подсолнечник увечный) - Helianthus debilis L. Eng.: Cucumber-leaf Sunflower. Suom.: Pikkuauringonkukka. Sven.: Miniatyrsolros. ..
Decorative low sunflower "Bambino"
Decorative sunflower low "Bambino". Annual 40 cm flowers. The variety can be grown in pots. Flowers are 20 cm in diameter, with the dark middle area. The plant does not develop side branches. Grow best in fertile soil, protected from win..
Decorative low sunflower "Polino Gold"
Decorative low sunflower "Polino Gold" Annual 40-60 cm flowers. The variety can be grown in pots. The plant does not develop side branches. Grow best in fertile soil, protected from wind. Suitable for open areas, flowers are cut for bouq..
Päevalill "Fire Show" Helianthus annuus
Sunflower "Evening Sun" - Helianthus annuus. An annual plant. Red with a dark middle, 150 cm high. Eng.: Sunflower. Suom.: Auringonkukka. Sven.: Solros. Bot. syn.: Helianthus aridus, Helianthus lenticularis. ..
Sunflower "Ballad" F1
Подсолнечник однолетний "Баллада" F1. Высота растения 50-60 см. Однолетник. Время посева: Апрель, Май. Время цветения: Июнь, Июль, Август. Способы посадки: открытый грунт, рассада. Расстояние между растениями: 20-30 см. Цветёт с июня ..
Sunflower "Big"
Sunflower "Big" Fast growing annual for single plantings, full groups, and for cutting and drying. Requires a sunny place, picky about humidity. Cut the flowers into vases and dry them at the very beginning of flowering. Height 200 cm. ..
Sunflower "Burgundy" F1
Sunflower "Burgundy"  F1 Bright focal plant. Among the tall varieties, this is perhaps one of the most attractive. Its velvety red-burgundy inflorescences (20-30 cm in diameter) with a spectacular dark center look rich. Plant height r..
Sunflower "Buttercream" F1
Sunflower "Buttercream" F1. Подсолнечник "Сливочный крем" F1. Высота 100 см. Типичные их характеристики - гигантский размер цветка (до 15 см), длительное цветение и неординарность. А в плане ухода – потребуется лишь мин..
Sunflower "Confectioner"
Sunflower "Confectioner" - Helianthus annuus. Especially delicious confectionery variety! High-yielding medium early variety. The plant is 150-170 cm high. The basket is large, flat. The seeds are large, black. The kernels are especially..
Sunflower "Crimson Queen"
Sunflower "Crimson Queen". Подсолнечник "Вишнёвая Королева" - Helianthus annuus. Огромные бархатистые соцветия тёмно-вишнёвой окраски ! Прекрасное растение для получения срезки и создания декоративных композиций. Однолетнее ..
Sunflower "Lemon Leopold"
Decorative sunflower "Lemon Leopold" - Helianthus annus L. Bright elegant sunflowers are the best garden decoration in the summer-autumn period. Ideal for decorating hedges, buildings, for single and group plantings on the lawn. The..
Sunflower "Moonshine"
Decorative sunflower "Moonshine" - Helianthus annuus L. An annual ornamental plant from the Asteraceae family. The stem is erect, branched, up to 180 cm tall. The plant blooms 4-6 lemon-yellow large inflorescences with a dark velvety ..
Sunflower "Nano Giallo a Fiore Pieno"
Dwarf sunflower "Nano Giallo a Fiore Pieno" - Helianthus annuum. An annual ornamental plant from the Aster family, 40 cm high. It blooms from July to September. Inflorescences are densely double, yellow-orange in color, 10 cm in ..
Sunflower "Orange mahogany bicolor" F1
Sunflower "Orange mahogany bicolor" F1. Sowing time: April, May. Flowering time: June, July, August. Planting methods: open ground, seedlings. Distance between plants: 20-30 cm. A branched plant up to 180 cm high with two-colored yello..
Sunflower "Ornamentale Miscuglio"
Sunflower "Ornamentale Miscuglio" Annual plant. Upright plant with large flowers and simple petals. Many mixed colours with dark centre. Ideal as a flower for cutting. Can reach 150 cm tall and requires a sunny spot. A variant of t..
Sunflower "Pacino" (mix)
Подсолнечник декоративный "Пацино" - Helianthus annuus. Низкорослые подсолнухи отлично подходят для клумб и рабаток. Высота растений всего около 30-40 см. Соцветия-корзинки среднего размера (до 15 см) солнечно-жёлтых и оранжевых оттен..
Sunflower "Paquito Extra" (mixture)
Dwarf sunflower "Paquito Extra" (mixture) - Helianthus annuus. Plant height 40-50 cm. Flower diameter 15 cm. If you do not want to lag behind fashion, we suggest trying to decorate your flower beds, balcony boxes or flowerpots with dwarf ..
Sunflower "Red"
Decorative Sunflower "Red". Подсолнечник "Красный". Готовый букет ! Яркое фокусное растение. Среди высокорослых сортов это, пожалуй, один из самых привлекательных. Богато смотрятся его бархатистые красно-бордовые соцвети..
Sunflower "Sonja"
Decorative Sunflower "Sonja". Подсолнечник однолетний "Соня" - Helianthus annuus. Время посева: Май. Время цветения: Июль - Сентябрь. Способы посадки: открытый грунт, рассада. Высота растения: 140-150 см. Расстояние ме..
Sunflower "Sonny" F1
Sunflower "Sonny" F1. This sunflower is lower, 70 cm, multi-branched, suitable for growing in containers, golden-yellow flowers with a shallower dark center. Agrotechnics: sowing is carried out in late April - early May in open groun..
Sunflower "Soraya"
Sunflower "Soraya" - Helianthus annuus. Plant growers up to 150 cm.   Eng.: Sunflower. Suom.: Auringonkukka. Sven.: Solros. Bot. syn.: Helianthus aridus, Helianthus lenticularis. ..
Sunflower "Sun"
Sunflower "Sun". An annual ornamental plant up to 180 cm tall and does not branch. The flowering time is very early. The center of the flower from dark to black is bordered by lingual flowers from yellow to dark yellow. We cut the sunflowe..
Sunflower "Tall Sungold"
Terry decorative sunflower "Tall Sungold" - Helianthus annuus L. Plant a sunflower in a mixed flower bed, create a spectacular lawn group, and your garden will be sunny even in cloudy weather! An impressive variety with large double-flowe..
Sunflower "Teddy Bear"
Sunflower "Teddy Bear"  An impressive variety with large, double-flowered buds. A majestic beauty for any sunny garden. Plants are straight, slender, with very strong stems 60 cm high.At the top of each, several inflorescences with a ..
Sunflower "Twilight Zone"
Annual sunflower "Twilight Zone" - Helianthus annuum. Cheerful sunflower in unusual pastel colors. Herbaceous plant 150-180 cm high. Inflorescences 16-20 cm in diameter. Blooms from July to October. Reaches the greatest decorative effect..
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