Ready Compositions
 A mixture of annuals and perennials for the cemetery
Mix of flowers for the cemetry. Graveyard Blend is a seed set consisting of annuals and perennials. The species was chosen considering low soil requirements and resistance to difficult growing conditions. They do not require maintenance and frequent..
"Mauritanian Lawn" (moorish lawn)
Mauritian lawn - mix of annual and perennial wild plants. 500,0 g = 100 m2. If you want to have a lawn, but weekly mowing is dubious, or you are initially sick of a perfectly trimmed grass hedgehog, start a Moorish lawn on your site. It does not lo..
Annual flowers mix "Last minute"
Mix of hight annual flowers "Last minute". The mix contain seeds of 22 flower varieties. 50-60 cm. Эффектная, многокрасочная и неприхотливая цветочная смесь "для лентяев" - "Last minute". Идеальное сочетание ц..
Balcony Mix (annuals)
Balcony Mix (annuals). A mixture of variegated, abundant and long-flowering plants with raised and drooping shoots, mainly intended for planting containers and boxes on balconies. Plants are about 25 cm high, have a variety of colors and flower shap..
Butterfly flowers mix "Pro motyly"
Butterfly flowers - special mix. Смесь для бабочек "Специальная смесь". Мир вокруг станет радостнее от обилия пёстрых цветов и прекрасных бабочек ! Специальная яркая смесь однолетников высотой 50-100 см и диаметром соцветий 2-7 см..
Decorative mixture "Orange-Yellow Dream"
Decorative mixture  of annuals "Orange-Yellow Dream". A mixture of low-demand, fast-growing annuals. The peculiarity of the mixture is the persistence of the color of inflorescences in orange-yellow tones. They collect unpretentious..
Fragrance mixture of Annuals
"Fragrant mixture" A blend of several annuals to create a beautiful, scented corner in your garden! Thanks to the right choice, a pleasant floral scent will accompany us for several months. "Ароматная смесь" Смесь нескольких..
Hight annuals mix "Everlasting"
"Everlasting": hight annuals mix (50-60 cm). Смесь высокорослых однолетников "Everlasting" (быстророслая цветочная смесь "для лентяев"). Эффектная, многокрасочная и неприхотливая цветочная смесь "для лентяе..
Mix of annuals "Low flower carpet"
Mix of annuals "Low flower carpet". A special mixture of fast growing annuals. It is especially suitable for loosely folded areas of the garden. We grow from direct sowing in April-May. ..
Mixture of dwarf annual and perennial plants for Balcony
Decorative mixture of undersized plants for decoration of terraces and balconies. An excellent combination of annuals and perennials to create a lush balcony or terrace. Harmonious coloration and compact growth (up to 50 cm) characterize the selecte..
Special blend for bumblebees
Special blend for bumblebees: 1. Melilotus albus - White melilot (Honey clover) "Meba" 15% 2. Sinapis alba - Yellow mustard "Andromeda" 5% 3. Borago officinalis - Burrage 5% 4. Fagopyrum esculentum - Buckwheat &quo..
Special mix for
Specially selected plant mixture that attracts pollinating insects. A special blend of annuals and perennials. The variety of species ensures suitability for many types of soils. Perennial Pollinator Blend is ideal for all insect species, providing..
Special mix for honeybees "Nectar party"
Seeds for Bees: "Nectar party" Special mix of pollen-rich species: great for honeybees. 1. Rapeseed "Ovace" 3% (Brassica napus L. var. oleifera) 2. Lacy phacelia 30 % (Phacelia tanacetifolia) 3. Garden cress &..
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