Edging lobelia "Crimson Cascade"
Edging lobelia "Crimson Cascade". Лобелия каскадная "Тёмно-малиновая" - Lobelia erinus L. Раннецветущая ! Один из лучших карликовых сортов с обилием миниатюрных цветков ! Многолетнее растение, используемое как однолетнее..
Edging lobelia "Fountain" (mix)
Fountains lobelia (mixture of colours) - Lobelia pendula. Ideal for hanging containers. A colorful mixture of various colors with climbing, flowing shoots up to 30 cm in length. The plant is highly branching, the stems are completely covered with s..
Edging lobelia "Purple-Red" (fountains lobelia)
Fountains lobelia "Purple-Red" (edging lobelia) - Lobelia erinus var. pendula. Ampel lobelia - a fast-growing, graceful plant with hanging or creeping, flowering stems will quickly weave a magnificent cascade of purple-red charmi..
Edging lobelia "Sapphire"
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Ampelous lobelia "Sapphire" - Lobelia erinus pendula. An annual plant with hanging or creeping stems 25-30 cm long. The total plant height is 10-15 cm. Used for growing on balconies, hanging baskets and outdoor vases. Sowing: f..
Edging lobelia "White Cascade"
Fountains lobelia "White Cascade". Location: this is a heat-loving and light-loving plant, but can also tolerate partial shade. Soil: Lobelia grows well on loose, loamy or sandy soils. Does not tolerate excess organic fertilizers. ..
Lobelia "Crystal Palace"
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Bedding Lobelia "Crystal Palace". One of the best dwarf varieties with an abundance of miniature flowers! A perennial plant used as an annual. A beautiful herbaceous plant with dark green foliage, completely strewn with cobalt blue flowers..
Lobelia climbing "Blue with a white eye"
Climbing lobelia "Blue with a white eye" - Lobelia erinus var. pendula. Ideal for baskets and containers. A perennial plant used as an annual in our cool climates. A beautiful herb with hanging shoots (up to 30 cm long), covered with blu..
Lobelia edging "Cascade" (mix)
Edging lobelia "Cascade" (color mix). Лобелия ампельная "Каскад" (смесь) - Lobelia pendula. Многолетнее травянистое растение из семейства Лобелиевые, культивируемое как однолетник. Побеги тонкие, стелющиеся, длиной до 40 см. ..
Lobelia fountains "Regatta Lilac"
Garden lobelia "Regatta Lilac". Лобелия ампельная "Лиловая регата". Изящное растение с каскадной формой куста, с обильно цветущими, свешивающимися побегам. Цветки лиловые, до 2 см в диаметре, двугубые. Цветёт обильно, в т..
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