Aster: Inflorecense type
Asters - height
China aster
Aster "Blue and white"
Aster pompon "Blue and white". Plant 60 cm high. Pompon-like asters. White central f..
Aster "Crallen" mix
Chinese aster "Crallen" (mix of colours) - Callistephus chinensis. A tall, elegant s..
Aster "Duchesse Silvery Blue"
Aedaster "Duchesse Silvery Blue". "Helesinine hõbe." 70 cm kõrg..
Aster "Electric White"
Aster "Electric White". Астра игольчатая "Электра белая" - Callistep..
Aster "Milady White"
China aster "Milady White". Annual. Plant height 25 cm. Inflorescence diameter 10 cm. Th..
Aster "Paeony White"
China aster "Paeony White". Eng.: China aster. Suom.: Kiinanasteri. Sven.: Sommaraster...
Aster "Paeony Yellow"
China aster "Paeony Yellow" - Callistephus chinensis. Plants of this group of asters..
Aster "Pinocchio Blue"
Low aster "Pinocchio Blue". Wonderful aster, retains high decorativeness in the gard..
Aster "Pinocchio" (dwarf mix)
Dwarf aster "Pinocchio" (mixture of colors) - Callistephus chinensis. These elegant and v..
Aster "Pompon" (mix)
Aster "Pompon" (mix). Plants 70 cm high. Pompom-like asters. Mix of colors. The mixture ..
Aster "Princess White"
Aster "Princess White". Magnificent autumn bouquet! An upright, branchy annual inte..
Aster "Princess White"
Aster "Princess White". Plant height up to 90 cm.The diameter of the inflorescence is 12 ..
Aster "Princess Yellow"
Aster "Yellow Princess". Delicate inflorescences. The plant is sprawling, 70-90 cm high...
Aster "Red Princess"
Aster "Red Princess" - Callistephus chinensis. Tall aster for cutting. The size of the in..
Aster "Ribbon Blue"
Aster "Ribbon Blue". Астра "Риббон синяя". Синие пионовидные соцветия диамет..
Aster "Ribbon red"
China aster "Ribbon red". Астра "Риббон красная". Низкорослые астры сер..
Aster "Salmon Princess"
Aster "Salmon Princess" - Callistephus chinensis. Beautiful annual flower. This variety..
Aster "Super Princess Blue"
Aster "Super Princess Blue". Magnificent autumn bouquet! An upright, branchy annual..
Aster "Super Princess White"
Aster "Super Princess White". Magnificent autumn bouquet! An upright, branchy annua..
Aster "Unikum White"
Aster "Unikum White" Астра игольчатая "Уникум белая" - Callistephus ..
Aster "Unikum Yellow"
Aster "Unikum Yellow" Астра игольчатая "Уникум жёлтая" - Callistephu..
Aster "Violet Princess"
Aster "Violet Princess" - Callistephus chinensis. An annual plant with lush purple b..
Aster low-growing "Colored carpet - pink"
Low-growing aster "Colored carpet - pink" An excellent undersized variety for carpet flow..
Aster paeony (mix)
Chinese aster pion-shaped (mixture of colors). Amazing bouquets! Columnar bush, branched, 50-80 cm..
Aster pompon "Super Princess Pink"
Aster pompon "Super Princess Pink". Plants 70-80 cm high. Pink inflorescences, ..
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